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    Mark Ruge is a lying asshole. If any JW took whole blood, he'd FIND the time to do the WT witch hunt and DF that person ASAP. What a lying sack of crap these people (and I use the term loosely) are.

    The WT is so big on earthquakes increasing in our time in their attempt to prove these are the last days. Too bad Bethel isn't hit by a 8.0 quake. I'd love to see a new parking lot there.

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    Managing a Jehovah's Witness who agrees to blood transfusion...

    EDITOR, - The article by Simon Finger and colleagues1 and the ensuing correspondence2 illustrate the difficulties of treating Jehovah's Witnesses who refuse ... - Similar pages - Note this
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  • DannyHaszard
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    Ruge, the Watchtower Society spokesman, refused an earlier request by The Vancouver Sun to write an opinion piece responding to the public statement by Guichon and four others: St. Mary's University College religion professor Michael Duggan; University of Alberta sociologist Stephen Kent; Florida lawyer, author and ex-Witness Kerry LouderbackWood; and Michael Saunders, a former Witness and paralegal in the Watchtower Society's Canadian law firm.

    Now why would Brother Ruge refuse a God-given opportunity like this to spread the word about what Jehovah expects of His followers? Surely with the millions of people that read the papers every day, this would have been a wonderful opportunity to "give a Witness". Perhaps Brother Ruge isn't "fully convinced in his own[feeble] mind" that the Society is right on the blood issue after all. Or maybe the Governing Body members realize that they have absolutely no scriptural grounds whatsoever for imposing a ban on blood transfusions. Perhaps they're afraid to go head to head with intelligent people who don't view them as "God's Spokesmen" and are more than capable of exposing them for the liars and hypocrites that they are.

    "Virtually everything was wrong in it [the statement]," Ruge said. Asked several times to say what was incorrect, he repeatedly declined.

    Gosh, another lost opportunity to spread the Word? Tsk, tsk.....I think Brother Ruge is probably pissing Jehovah off by not being like Daniel and openly declaring his faith.

    Ruge said he may feel freer to talk with the media after the case involving the Vancouver sextuplets is resolved in court.

    Riiiiight. I wouldn't want to hang from the end of a rope waiting for that to happen.

    He said he was doing so out of respect for the parents' request for privacy

    Translation: We're waiting for this story to die down and fade away because we've been totally exposed as a cult.

    Until then, Ruge said, "If someone has an axe to grind, let them grind it.

    Thank you Brother Ruge. That's exactly what we're doing.

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