3.9% interest

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  • indahsempurna

    Does anyone else find it terrible that the society is charging interest for congregations to build kingdom halls???? Why the hell are people putting money in the "special" box marked kingdom hall fund?? My boyfriend who already hates the witnesses found this absolutely horrible. Why can't those brainwashed people see this? It's just a way to make profit off of money that was donated !!!! That shouldn't even be legal

  • dawg

    I see your'e a newbie, I can't think of why the witness do anything they do... It's all a crock of crap! I hope you boyfriend keeps you far, far, away form this foolishness.

  • greendawn

    Welcome to the forum, what you mentioned is incredibly crooked because even after the KH loan gets paid off the title deeds go to the Watchtower society. Imagine that the local JWs put in all the money (including loan) and labour they pay off their lender and then the lender gets the property. That's the theocratic way of doing things.

  • kwintestal

    Haha, that isn't even touching on the insurance scam they pull.


  • zack

    They charge between 3 and 5 percent interest. The interest is very practical. I do not see that as hypocritical. It usually runs at inflation or just above. That way

    inflation does not deplete the value of the fund. In my experience, there was never a stampede to contribute to the KH Building Fund.

  • kwr

    If the WTBTS is charging interest on loans for creating KH buildings then that is a very good rate. If KH's had to issue bonds or borrow from banks the interest rate would be much higher. So the congregation is benefiting from this policy. many churches are deep in debt due to high interest they have to pay to build their churches.


    WBT$ has no morals..JW`s donate the money to the WBT$..Then the WBT$ lends it back to them at 3.95% interest..What a loving arrangement provided by a multi-billion dollar company the WBT$.....You`ve just scatched the surface of this corrupt organization...OUTLAW

  • kelnian3

    Its not just KH. Followers donate all this money - the co's are given new cars - 3 years later the WS sell the cars back to the donators! Two main ways to get rich legit in this world. 1, work hard 2, plead poverty and be in control of the purse strings for an organisation like this.

  • Honesty

    Welcome to da bored!!!

    You have one very intelligent boyfriend.

  • Junction-Guy

    If the money is donated, and since they are non-profit, there should be no legal way they should be getting by with this. A charity is supposed to be a charity, hence they are supposed to give it way free or at a much reduced price, this is what a real charity does. This bugs me to no end that the government allows crap like this.

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