First Reaction To My UN letters

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  • wannahelp

    Hey Fred,

    I'd like to hear your take on this issue?

  • wannahelp

    Hey Makena,

    I would have thought the JW's would have loved to have helped out with the actual disaster cleanup in NY.. After all, it's only a couple of buildings that got destroyed, a piddly 1.1 Million tons of rubble.. And with those "untrained" disaster crews now doing the cleanup by themselves, it's gonna take about 1 year they estimate to clean up that little portion (about 14 acres) of rubble...

    All those highly trained "clean up crews" of Jehovah's that are gonna have to clean up the entire earth after the big A could clean up a measly little 14 acres in no time, considering the overwhelming amount of rubble they'll have to clean up after the big A occurs..

    Wow, just imagine what would happen if those "amateur" clean up crews with their heavy machinery had to clean the world after the big A, they won't have the earth cleaned up in time for Satan to be released after the 1,000 year reign.

    I'm sooo happy to hear that the trained 6 Million or so JW's will be doing the cleanup work...

    Hope they work faster than those amateurs cleaning up Manhattan, as they'll still have to make time during the thousand years to teach all the ressurected people, including all the dead JW's that need to be caught up on all the new light since they passed away (oops, went to sleep).. !!!!

    Wonder why they didn't offer physical help? Hmmm....

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    "Yes, they've lied to us, but we are sticking with Jehovah’s organization because they teach the truth from the bible and there’s no where else to go."


    By the way, Ranchette, your salad dressing's the best!

  • Ranchette

    Hi, thanks for the comments.
    Ranchette Jezzy class

    Thank you for the compliments.
    I knew I had to make this letter very simple and to the point. I learned this from the Thursday night ministry school #(35) Material adapted for field ministry

    It is frustrating I know but it is to be expected, we will get a mixed reaction to truth.
    Just view this as reverse field service and I bet your results will still be better and more fulfilling than our JW days.

    About the Guardian article,
    We have to take what we can get.
    Press is both friend and foe.

    You have to admit, this was a typical brain-dead witness reaction.
    We have to hope we disturbed him enough that it will gnaw at him enough to jump start thought waves!

    Thanks for the advice.
    I had already decided that I wouldn’t play their game.
    I keep you posted of any new developments.


  • Seeker


    That was a remarkable response you got! Very defensive, very non-sequitor in nature, and very funny too:

    I was just happy to hear what a great impression the brothers & sisters were making in New York since the 9-11 tragedy.

    Haven't heard a word about JWs, and I'm in NYC. Not one word on the news, in the papers, on the radio, on the Web, nothing. Great impression, huh?

    The Fire Chief and Mayor Guliani praised them.

    If they helped, I'm sure they did get praise. Guiliani will praise anyone who helps. He's being an equal opportunity praiser through all this.

    Plus the Society has been feeding the firefighters and rescue workers for free; transporting them to and from Ground Zero, loaned their equipment, etc. The stuff you never hear about in the news!

    Probably because it isn't happening, or at least not in an appreciable amount. Probably one Bethel heavie gave one firefighter a ride over there one day and now it's all over the world that Bethel is "transporting" firefighters back and forth!

    Also, the Firefighter Commissioner praised the brothers and sisters for the "most important work they've been doing in comforting people'" who are hopeless.

    They always praise people who help out, including the clergy. When you are tired, who doesn't appreciate a kind word?

    I don't know what the "U.N." thing is

    And I don't wanna know!

    but I know Jehovah's organization wouldn't have lasted this long if it was due to dishonesty.

    ROFL! What a lack of knowledge of history. Organizations always lie to further their aims. So do corporations. So go governments. They last because people believe the lies. Like your friend...

  • bluesapphire

    "Someone's having a Jezebel like attitude." Fred, stop it! You Jezebel you!

  • pettygrudger

    The JW's have been praised for the efforts in the rescue/clean-up efforts at the WTC site? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! When did they break their opinion on 9/11/01, when the shades were drawn so that everyone would get back to work?!!!!!!

    If they are helping out - great! But, this in itself (and I don't wanna be 1 of those damned if ya do/if ya don't persons)goes against their policies - doesn't it? I mean, why would they be "helping" all the people they've already condemned to death? And does this mean that during the Great Tribulation & Armageddon, we can be sure to go the JW's for their assistance? UGGGGGHHHH

  • Princess

    Great letter Ranchette! Sounds like it's working too.


  • anewperson

    Saying there's nowhere else to go is a lie: Form your own independent Bible Group of 2 or more people. If you need or want a song book or other literature, there's plenty at the link above all you lovers of Jah and His Christ, although the newsletters are also for those of all beliefs to enjoy.

  • Ranchette

    I went through the "where else do we go" faze.
    I'm so glad to be past that now!


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