Does anybody know what the "special broadcast" to all the Kingdom Halls (canada) is about on march 22?

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  • blondie
  • blondie

    Hail the Lumbersexual.

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  • LaFrancia

    In Italy we have the visit at the branch by one of the governing body

    in 3 May 2015 in jw stream connection.

  • hoser

    Celine Dion having been publicly reproved when she's actually still a Regular Pioneer in good standing and wrote the lyrics to song number 60 in the new song book.

    Now I know why the new songs suck!

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    It might be the Fred Franz shirt.

    Maybe he was really stoned and high calculating the end time in 1975?

  • Vidiot

    Dismissing servant - "Maybe he was really stoned and high calculating the end time in 1975? " Flag

    Don't know about drugs, but I'm pretty sure dementia was at least starting to manifest itself by then.

    By the 80s, he was well-known to wander around Bethel muttering to his shoes, and wearing outfits that Herb Tarleck would've thought were over-the-top.

  • nowwhat?

    "listen up you hosers! knock off the beer and donuts eh?"

  • SAHS
    I can see blue threads being handed out for putting above the fringed edges of everyone’s skirts and shirts at the next annual meeting. After all, not wearing a blue string above the fringed edge of your skirt or shirt is disgusting!

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