Looking back: "FACE THE FACTS"

by Nathan Natas 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    FUNNY nothing in those later wt coments about 'FACE THE FACT" on how hitler was going to take over britian and america? and nothing about HOW THAT FAMOUS SPEECH/BOOKLET 1938 say wo to woman with suck of child. in these last days. now is not the time to have children. just before the end. remember the wt said since 1925 they were teaching not to have children. a 21 yrs old woman in 1925. have been 49 yrs old when the wt ( i think this is when the no children stuff stopped) in 1953. that's why i read a wt article around 2001-3 on the life stories azbout how this jw got married in the 50's and missed out on having kids. his wife was too old. if you read the article carefully you could pick it out. i really pissed off my jw friends with that article . i always love them life stories in the wt . you always find sometghing if you know what to look for. john

  • VM44


    Does anyone where one can get the audio for this talk?

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