Why so many "qualifications"

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  • bonnzo

    if jesus could find someone at work(matt 9:9; mark 1:16-21) and ask them to be a follower without having to go over 164,000 questions(just kidding a little bit) to see if they qualify to be a publisher of the good news, why do JW's do this? the same for baptism; the Ethiopian eunoch did not, according to scripture, go over a bunch of questions to be baptized, so why?

  • Mystla

    To be sure they are thoroughly indoctrinated...aka brainwashed.. into the org. Why else? If you just baptise anyone off the street you might inadvertantly let in someone who thinks for themselves... couldn't have that!!!


  • Outaservice

    Maybe it's because the 'questions' are in a book and you would need to 'buy' a book to read them over. If you just got babtised there would be no book sale!

    Just a thought!


  • blondie

    I don't think the WTS had as elaborate a baptism procedure in the past as they do know. When I got baptized they had just instituted a new book, the yellow Lamp book with a few questions. The congregation I was in got all 12 of us together with one elder at the KH and asked to the questions to the group. Not everyone had to answer every question...in fact one shy sister never answered. But we were all approved for baptism. It used to be that you just showed up with towel and bathing suit at the baptism.

    I think there were many situations where people said they did not understand their baptism, with some legal cases arising out of this. So now the many-question procedure is basically a legal CYA.


  • Undecided

    The first time I was baptised I was 7 years old, the second time I was 23, don't remember any questions and the third time I slipped of the dock and fell in the water. It all was about the same thing, I just got wet.

    Ken P.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings bonnzo,

    So that after your baptised they can DF your ass if you fail to meet the watchtower edicts. They can, and have said, "you're the one that went over the questions, you weren't forced to get baptized." Plus they don't use Jesus as any kind of real example. they say they do, but they don't.


  • avidbiblereader

    1 Cor 4:6 6 Now, brothers, these things I have transferred so as to apply to myself and A·pol´los for YOUR good, that in our case YOU may learn the [rule]: “Do not go beyond the things that are written,” in order that YOU may not be puffed up individually in favor of the one against the other.


  • greendawn

    Because there is too much legalism in this org not surprising if we consider it is a business that pretends to be a religion.

  • lawrence

    How do you spell Pharisee...

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