Rats in NY City Taco Bell

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  • sammielee24

    Its one of those joint places - taco bell and KFC.....and here we thought we was eatin chicken and beef... Our KFC is joined to the fish place - is it Long John Silver? ...dunno...but everything is battered until its unrecognizable anyway. Twas good while it lasted...sammieswife.

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  • Leolaia

    There's new video of rats inside a Manhattan Au Bon Pain deli.

  • sammielee24

    Geez...all this stuff on the rats has just about turned me off the grease joints as fast as the last chinese place I bravely chose to visit. Sat through the ant army on the window ledge...my craving for chinese was so overwhelming....ignored the somewhat spotty cutlery..not enough waitresses I said to myself....peered through the sticky stuff coating the menu.....thinking I should get up and leave..but wait...the other patrons seem to be enjoying their meal - the place is packed so it must be good....buck up I told myself..don't be a wuss.....and so I sat, and ordered and pretended that all was well in that grimy little two bit place ....until I got up to leave whereupon I the kitchen door swing open ...it seemed to pause....as if holding its breath before closing on the scene before me......for there was the cook wiping his counter with a soiled rag all black and slimy....moving the raw lump of chicken aside....his graying hair held fast by a twisted piece of fabric - his yellowed t shirt stuck to the sweat of his bulging belly...and..as if this wasn't enough...I could clearly see the foot long hair dangling from his pits. That did it. I had to leave while my husband paid........put me off chinese ever since...sammieswife.

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