My baby turned 5

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  • Es

    Hey all, hope you are all well

    Well my little man is 5 and we had his birthday party on the weekend, our house was full with 40 people, and the backyard was filled with a jumping castle, we had helium balloon all over the house, it was awesome.

    I cooked for three days straight and man was I tired by the end of the day, but it was great, I so wished I had of had the chance to celebrate bdays when I was a kid.

    Anyway heres the online album for you to look at


    luv es

  • dobbie

    Oh Es he is just so cute!He looks like he had a brilliant time.My boy is 5 in a few months but my gardens tiny so i hired a hall and entertainer so all i have to do is the food!He's getting v excited cos it will be his first one. Great cake as well!you all look really happy.

  • Do Not Call
    Do Not Call

    Awww, congratulations!
    Happy Birthday young man!!
    You have a beautiful family, Es.
    Love DNC xxx

  • Es

    oh wow that sounds cool dobbie you must post pics when you get them, Blake had an awesome time he kept telling me how much he loved the party and he has never said that before.

    DNC- thanks so much


  • dobbie

    I will Es now that i've worked out how to post photos at last! All i have to do is track down a cake maker cos he wants lightening mcqueen but i've got a while to do it yet.

  • penny2

    Wow Es, you certainly made the day special for your little man. He looks adorable. Must be a good feeling for you too - doing the normal things of life.



  • AlmostAtheist


    Not only are the pics beautiful, but you've made my day! Your son is the one that my daughter is enamored with! And I lost the picture I had of him! :-( :-( :-(

    I would pull up the picture and Sierra would immediately wave at the screen and say "Hi!" Now I have a whole host of Blake pictures to show her!

    How do you feel about 'arranged marriages'? I'm a little tapped right now, but maybe we could discuss a dowry installment-plan? ;-)


  • juni

    Enjoyed the pictures ES! Thanks for posting them.

    Blake is so cute and looks happy! My daughter was going to rent one of those jumping castles for her daughter's b/day, but the wind was too bad last year; it would've blown away!

    Grams did a beautiful job w/the dinosaur cake. Everyone looks like they're having fun. And little Maia is so sweet!

    Take care of yourself.

    Hugs, Juni

  • Es

    dobbie- look forward to seeing them, have you checked the internet for cakes, I found the pattern for the dinosaur one on the internet?

    penny2- yeah he loved it, and so did the other kids, one of the kids said it was the best party ever which made me so happy

    almost atheist-hehehe anytime you need photos let me know i have millions. Lol @ arranged marriages

    juni-thanks hun,yeah i made the cake which i guess is the easy bit, and granny iced it for me and then i decorated it.


  • misanthropic

    It looks like you guys went all out! Jumping castle and everything, lucky boy! Is the girl in the grey sleveless shirt (Michelle) related to you? You have similar facial features.

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