Whats your thoughts on sex & the WTS

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  • sweetone2377

    We, as humans, were created with strong sexual desires. I believe that we should not be punished for that. If sex is so wrong, then why did God create us with it? If it's only for procreation purposes, why he did he not create us like the animals? Why did he make sex so enjoyable if we are not suppose to enjoy it? The WTS does force their r&f to marry too young and unprepared because of sex. And then, they try to dictate what kind of sex after you're married. I feel that what goes on in the bedroom is a personal private matter and no one should step in and say "you can't touch there, you can't this....you can't that....." It is wrong. If I want to try different things, rather than just lying there with a sweaty man on top of me, then it's my right. Yes, my right. No one else needs know what I'm doing at night (or god forbid we do it during the daylight hours in the kitchen!!!). I can speak from some personal experience on this.....I won't get too "personal" though....for fear of gagging some people. But my DH and I married, so we could get to know each other and for sex. Well, we are a horrible match but are trudging through it. I go without a lot of the physical and sexual attention that I feel I need or desire. While my DH, on the other hand, gets all he wants and more. I mean, I do some stuff that I feel is down right freaky and have just recently cut off all .........(won't type it)......... untill he decides to finally give in and sacrifice and give me what I want. Ok TMI, but...... I am in a silly mood today.

    My thoughts on homosexual behavior is this: I think some may choose that way of life. Maybe because of bad experiences with members of the opposite sex. But I do feel that some are "born that way." Meaning, maybe there is a chemical inbalance in their brain. The same as someone who has ADHD, etc. It is something that they cannot control and shouldn't be punished for it.

    These are my thoughts at the present time. I may change my mind some day....who knows! Enlightenment is a slow process and can be slightly confusing at first. But this is how I feel at this time. I applaud nearly (Frightmare) everyone on their comments. Well said.

    Shelly (yes I actually put my real name for a change!)

    "Life's a journey, not a destination."

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