Watchtower Letter on literature change dated Feb-9.2007!

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  • Atlantis

    Just in case some of the folks may have wanted this letter for their records. At the bottom of this letter the Watchtower states, "This new arrangement for publishing The Watchtower will take effect in January 2008.

    It is nice to know that the Watchtower feels that Armageddon can be delayed until then!

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  • ThomasCovenant


    Thanks for that.

    Has anybody confirmed if this arrangement has been announced in Great Britain, and other countries of course.

    I've asked some family members but they haven't heard any news yet.


    Thomas Covenant

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Thanks Atlantis. This is an invaluable piece of history and has therefore been saved for future reference.

    Interestingly I noticed the letter mentioned that the GB had "approved" this decision. I wonder if this meams what I think it means. Normally, when someone "approves" something, it means that the person is endorsing a decision that someone else is actually making. If the GB did not "make" this decision but merely "approved" it, does it mean that someone else, like their financial consultants, actually "made" this decision as a cost saving measure, then sent it to the GB for "approval" ??

    Nah... could'nt be..could it?. The polite fiction in the WT arrangement is that the GB makes all the decisions............. even if they are men verging on senility isn't it?


  • MeneMene

    "the GB had "approved" this decision"

    Moggy that's an interesting thought. I did not notice it before. You would think they would say 'the GB made the decision' - or 'Jehovah has inspired the GB to make the change.'

    Wait a minute - I got it! Jehovah suggested it and the GB approved his suggestion. Is that how it works? :)

  • GermanXJW

    Now, it has been announced in German congregations as well.

  • Fred E Hathaway
    Fred E Hathaway

    This week it was announced in Canada. The letter read there said TO ALL CONGREGATIONS IN CANADA at the top, with the Canadian Bethel's CCJW stationery. Otherwise, the letter for Canada is the same as that for the USA.

  • ninja

    hey was announced in my wife's congregation on thursday past in Glasgow

  • moomanchu

    Thanks for that,

    I love to e-mail this kind of thing to my JW relatives. I believe it makes them curious and bewildered that

    this stuff is on the internet. I hope that maybe they'll start searching for the information themselves and have their eyes opened up.

    One other thing how does The Awake circulation increase when they get rid of half of the magazines?

  • bobld

    Let's see if I got this right:: "Jehovahs' blessing has been seen on the arrangement & the circulation of AWAKE continues to INCREASE." Pre 2006,That is say in 2005 monthly printing 45,684,000,today monthly printing 34,412,000 or 11,272,000 less per month.Old watchtower 52,878,000, NEW watchtower 52,878,000-26,439,000 PLUS 6.5 million for study edition equals total printing of 32,935,000 or 19,943,000 less watchtowers.When you add the watchtower and awake they, the GB/FBS will be printing on average 374,216,000 mags a year less.Oh ,yes GOD is speeding up the work.The advantages of this change will quickly be evident.

    I guess all people don't need this BIBLE BASED information.People don't need to know bible based publication that have terms such as PIONEER.This bible based information is only for select people who the GB/FBS can read their hearts and called by a special name.

  • Paisley

    Thanks! Great info. I love it.

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