A preaching blitz in Israel?

by Pistoff 17 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    All the problems they have in Israel I guess they need Jehovah.

    Let us show you how to break up centuries of family unity and

    how we spoke out against A. Hitler. And one other thing, you are not

    the chosen people we are.. That should have them flocking to the KH...

  • insidetheKH

    @Pistoff local JW's are free to proselytise, the only resistance they face is from certain jewish groups.

    Your text is speaking about problems with foreign missionaries only and the info is pretty old.

  • WTWizard

    I think the reason Israel and not some place like Nigeria is that's where they can connect the world with the negative energy from the LIE-ble. Anyone else notice that the whole LIE-ble revolves around Israel? They want to spread the curses found in the LIE-ble through psychic connections, and this is their way of doing that.

    In addition, there is a risk of getting black magic used against the whole human race. You place as much as a waste of paper with a high ranking rabbi, and that thing connects you with every deprivation you ever had. Then, it gets its group of rabbis together to do workings to spread that deprivation through the whole world. You want to help ruin the whole world? Go on this mission, and you will do just that.

    Besides that, it is a complete waste of resources. You lose 3 weeks of vacation time--including the trip itself. This is total waste--I would rather spend the time in New Zealand instead. And the money--including all the snafus you are likely to run into, you are looking at the equivalent of a whole monster box of silver, wasted. Or, slightly more than half a grand bag of silver coins--the equivalent of 65 or 70 rolls of quarters and/or halves, or 130 rolls of dimes. Or 400 Peace dollars, or 350 Morgan dollars. All wasted.

    Now, would you rather have all that silver, or would you rather have the "joy(??)" of knowing you wasted the money on one stupid mission? Even if you choose not to put any of it into silver, you can get some pretty nice stuff with it, or have one whopper of a party with this amount of money. You will still lose the benefit of having the money when hyperinflation comes, but at least you will be able to enjoy it. Going to Israel, you sacrifice the pleasure today without reaping any reward tomorrow. A total waste.

  • Vidiot


    Of all the stupid, misguided...

    As if the bait-and-switch they tried to pull at that school in Jerusalem last year wasn't enough; it's like they're practically begging the rest of the world to dislike and resent them.

    Pshh, what am I saying? They probably do want that; "persecution", dontcha know?

    What's next, missionaries to Afghanistan? Saudi Arabia?

  • Phizzy

    "What's next, missionaries to Afghanistan? Saudi Arabia?" one could add Pakistan and other places to that list.

    They ain't gonna mess in places where the death penalty is actually used for perceived Blasphemy.

    Good luck in Israel JDub suckers !

  • Clambake

    JW subscript to something called “ replacement theology “ where they believe they either the organization or magical men in Brooklyn have replaced the physical nation of Israel. Not really sure what they believe now, it changes so much.

    The problem is a lot of new light seems to be falling in line with the evangelical view where the troubles for Jehovah people first start in the middle east. One major problem , there are basically no JWs in the middle east so………………………….. Lazy assholes, at least make up your own theology, don’t just steal someone else. I know there are people in Brooklyn whose job it is to just watch Christian channel all day and find ideas to steal.

  • steve2

    Yeah, like Israel really, really, really needs yet another exclusivist religious answer to its problems.

  • Pistoff
    I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that the WT produced an expensive book to use in the preaching there, anyone hear of it?

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