WTF weird JW videos on YouTube

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  • Mincan

    Um, the first one is definitely not made by someone slaving for the cult, its made by a guy making a website called "The Six Screens of the Watchtower" and his material is really good. Check out his other videos on youtube, some are very funny, others are just good.

    The second one is obviously taking a crack at the type of people that accept Watchtower shit.

    These are both awesome videos. I was able to show the second one to my parents on the day I told them I don't go to meetings where I moved. :D

  • troucul

    PT Cruiser you're a loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahhahahaaaaaaa

  • under_believer

    Mincan, I dunno... I definitely think the 2nd one is pro-witness. I couldn't tell about the first one.

  • AudeSapere

    Ducka! Ducka!


  • dobbie

    had to post a comment on the 2nd one but it isn't showing up. Not sure if the superman one is serious or taking the mick?

  • slimboyfat
    The second one is obviously taking a crack at the type of people that accept Watchtower shit.

    I think the second one is genuine.

    Even the voice sounds familiar. I think he is at London bethel right enough, as one of the comments says.


  • Jeffro

    The second one is painfully JW-ish. Interesting to see the lack of respect that the creator of the piece actually holds for the householders that they are supposedly trying to 'save'. (Amusing to see the 'token' black JW in the group of 5 as well.)

    The first one... if it is by a JW, he isn't one who's uber-faithful. 'Ducka Ducka' is a reference to Team America: World Police, and probably wouldn't be deemed appropriate for Christians™. It could be by a JW who isn't quite as zealous™.

  • free2beme

    How about this one ...

    In the words of Simon Cowell, "Don't quit your day job ... singing isn't going to work out for you."

  • Abandoned

    According to the comments, the second one was created by the bethel art team and orated by one of the annointed.

    Here's another video I hadn't see before. It's the Jehovah's Witness Christmas CD.

  • Jeffro

    Yep, that Christmas Songs one is straight outta Bethel too.

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