Anyone live in NSW?

by winnie 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • winnie
    Yeah, well thanks very much for interacting with me, Winnie! It's ever such a thrill to be ignored.

    I'm so sorry. Where exactly is the place you knew someone from? And where do you Live?

  • Rooster

    I live in Florida is that close by?

  • quixote

    I used to write to a young lady from NSW by the name of Rachael. Funny, I met her in Spain while we were both on vacation (Holiday). I guess that's not close enough hey Winnie ?


  • misspeaches

    I don't! I live in Canberra though. About an hour and a half from your area. Just trying to think who I knew that were JW's in that area. Did you know any Canberra people?

  • winnie

    Hopeless with names! I went to lots of canberra assemblies though and would probably recognize faces. That's about all.

  • misspeaches

    Chances are we have walked past each other at an assembly at one time. I haven't been for about 3 - 4 years now ( I can't believe its been that long!)

    We'll have to get Uncle Bruce to pop by and say hello. As far as I am aware he would be the closest person to where you are. Second would be deeksis. and then meeeee!

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