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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I feel a desire - no, perhaps more than that, a calling.

    I have been 'out' for 3 years. I have better perception and have shed the delusions of Watchtower theology. I have also come to view that organization as evil. Not the people, but the organization itself. My heart cries out to those still enslaved, but with little opportunity to reach them, I feel driven to proactively aid others to avoid the snares.

    My idea is something like this;

    Contact area churches with the idea of a single or mulitple sessions in which the Jw religion is shown for what it is. Reveal some of the false doctrines, the child abuse cover-ups, the destructive nature of the disfellowshipping rules, and the omission of Christ in the worship.

    I would have two purposes;

    1- To expose Jehovah's Witnesses, and give a strong message to those in attendance of the need to make sure their families are protected.

    2- To give them resources to aid them in 'witnessing' to Jehovah's Witnesses on the doors, with a view to aiding them to see what the organization is really about.

    Call it 'Cult Awareness' wrapped in 'Christian Love'.

    I believe that I may use a well-produced DVD from Jeremiah films to do the heavy work, with some speaking by myself and a follow up Q&A.

    Any suggestions that may help me determine the way to go with this? Or materials you think would be particularly helpful?


  • needproof

    I went through a similar phrase, good luck, although the 'JW's dont believe in Christ' thing is tiresome. (dont want that to sound disrespectful, I genuinely do wish you well, but I think that it makes a 'us vs them' mentality)

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Jeff,

    I like your ideas, good luck with them. It's the sort of thing we have done in the recent past, emailing all the local churches with the jw false religion tract.

    Randy has a number of tracts on freeminds that can be printed up, as well as plenty of other helpful information.

  • Outaservice

    Many times the Church Adult Sunday School teachers are looking for guest speakers etc. and if you can arrange a program, people usually know someone or are related to someone who are JW's. While you may not be able to talk to them (the JW's) direct because of your status, the church members can. Keep them off doctrines and deal with the prophetic record or something like that, to say to them (the JW's) when they come to their doors. Also, their own testimony may plant a seed.

    And, a bonus, most churches have a little lunch or coffee and doughnuts at their events, unlike most Kingdom Hall meetings! Ummmm !

    Outaservice (who's gained 10 lbs. talking at churches)

  • truthsearcher

    That sounds like a really FABULOUS idea, Jeff!! In my opinion, the more that exJWs get the word out, the better prepared people will be when they get a knock at the door. There are some really good resources and other ministries out there, and a great place to connect would be at the WNFJ connection, since many of them go there and share information. McGregor Ministries also has some interesting DVDs about the WTS (A Non-Prophet Organization, The Jesus of the WT).

    I think that Mouthy would be an excellent person for you to connect with, and if you guys would like to come to Ontario for a visit, we would be glad to have you stay with us.

  • betterdaze

    Jeff, you may want to read Wilbur Lingle's "Approaching Jehovah's Witnesses in Love."

    I'm pretty sure he spoke at the Witnesses Now for Jesus convention a few years ago.


  • scout575

    I have the same desire, but would like to include the whole of evangelical Christianity, and not just the JWs. Having registered with ex-Christian forums ( like ), I've read countless testimonies of former genuine, heartfelt, members of conservative evangelical churches who, having eventually realised the man-made nature of Christianity in its entirety, are haunted by regret over having joined these churches. Many of them have sought professional counselling to help them come to terms with the profound anguish of their regret. I've been posting the testimonies of many of these ex-Christians, on JWD for a while now, although the last one was deleted by a site moderator.

    Of the ex-JWs that I know, who have remained religious, most of them have joined evangelical churches. How sad it will be for them when, having become disillusioned with the JW branch of Christianity they, after going on to spend years as an evangelical Christian, then realise that they have been deluded for a second time. I wonder whether one day there will be a message board for ex-evangelicals, who are also ex-JWs.

    I tend to shy away from using the word, 'cult' because a cult is always, 'The other guy's religion', never your own. Many ex-JW, evangelical Christians would describe JWs as a cult, and yet it has to be said that many ex-Evangelicals regard evangelical Christianity as a cult too, and are fiercely opposed to it.

    Whilst Christianity here in England is slowly fading away, there is a vocal minority of Evangelicals in my home town, who preach in the town centre at weekends. Although nearly all of the towns' people avoid them as assiduously as they avoid JWs, I do feel that that some people could be misled by their propaganda. Just as I would would like to do my bit to make people aware of the dark side of JWs, I would like to do the same thing regarding evangelical Christianity, so that even fewer people are deceived by its biblicist mythology.

  • bernadette

    In our area JWs sometimes give talks at schools with a question and answer section at the end via the religious eduction department.

    If the schools in your area are agreeable to that kind of thing there may be an opportunity to warn through talking about cults/high control groups and how they recruit.


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