The New World Translation is a Mess

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    In Hebrews 11:14 the NWT actually translates patris as "a place of their own" (is it to avoid the "patriotic" overtones of "homeland"?). Semantically this is not that bad.

    Other NWT renderings of patris are "home territory" (Matthew 13:54,57; Mark 6:1,4; Luke 4:23f) and... "homeland"! (John 4:44), lol. Consistency is easier claimed than realised.


    Agreed, that's just the point I was trying to make about the difference between Paul's quotations and his free use of his own theological vocabulary (exemplarily 1 Corinthians 8:6, one theos, the Father, one kurios, Jesus). The border is blurred, though, when Paul draws an original Christological elaboration from a quotation (clearly imo in Romans 10:13, arguably in 1 Corinthians 2:16). But he is certainly not consistent to the point of censuring the divine use of kurios in quotations when he has no particular Christological point to make.

    As a side remark, I think Ziesler is uncautious, however, in inferring from the available evidence that all LXX copies except the Christian (even partial) ones had the Tetragrammaton instead of kurios. Philo clearly stands in the way of such an assertion. Pietersma made a good case that kurios is original to the early LXX, and that the Tetragrammaton was introduced in a later and limited revision (even though it happens to be reflected in the oldest extant mss).

  • Handsome Dan
    Handsome Dan

    Old ignorant uneducated men with the power of God in their hands is never a good thing for humanity and never will be.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Amazing, would you consider the following to be a more literal English translation of John 1:1 and better conveying nuances of meaning?

    "In the beginning (origin) was the Word and the Word was with the God (face to face -toward) and the word was god."

  • TD

    Fourteen year old thread. These people don't participate here anymore. Some of them are no longer with us at all

    Narkissos would have been the one to ask if that were not the case though

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