Fred E Hathaway: Will you prove your statement true?

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  • AuldSoul
    No one understands truth like Jehovah or those He enlightens, if only they wait 'til His appointed time.

    I submit that you are provably wrong. But I am willing to let you try.

    Prove it. I invite you. This is a very important thing for you to be able to do because the book Reasoning From the Scriptures says that the organization God is using in our day will base all its teachings and standards on the Bible.

    Reasoning From the Scriptures, p. 283, par. 6 (subheading How can Jehovah’s visible organization in our day be identified?)
    (3) It adheres closely to God’s inspired Word, basing all its teachings and standards of conduct on the Bible.—2 Tim. 3:16, 17.

    I already believe the highlighted portion is just a lie Jehovah's Witnesses tell themselves and others. I believe you are unintentionally lying to yourself and to others; you are trying to get others to believe untruths. But, perhaps you can prove me wrong.

    If you have knowledge of Scripture sufficient, please tackle one or all of these:

    (1) Active JWs—Do JWs actually carry a "life saving" message?

    (2a) ALL current JWs: Please give feedback here or by PM
    (2b) Sophistry Lessons—JW Baptismal Prerequisites

    (3) If Jesus could share Scriptures with Satan, a known and incorrigible apostate, in response to challenges—why can't Jehovah's Witnesses share Scriptures with me in response to my challenges? (Matthew 4)

    (4) Where is the Scriptural support for calling the Faithful and Discreet Slave a (a) class of people serving as (b) God's sole channel of communication responsible for distributing (c) "new light" to the other sheep who (d) could not gain accurate spiritual understanding without such help?

    (5) Where is the Scriptural support for elders convening secret trials (see the nighttime trial of Jesus) that cannot be witnessed or recorded and whose judgments are rendered on behalf of and in place of the congregants using their own judgment?

    (6) Where is the Scriptural support for disfellowshipping anyone due to who they choose to talk with/associate with?

    I daresay you are incapable of touching a single one Scripturally, and you will note none of these springs from quibbles over past understanding, teachings, or practices.

    I invite you to take up the gauntlet I have thrown. You made a claim, prove it. If I have little knowledge and insight in comparison to you, you have much to teach me. Demonstrate your point to the lurkers.

    Remember, human reasoning will count for absolutely nothing. The beliefs/doctrines/practices/standards of conduct in dispute must be based on the Bible.


  • AuldSoul

    Isn't it sad when we find people are so clouded by doctrine that they can no longer discern meaning for themselves from what they read?

    Fred: All that I need to say to you is: the sheep knows the voice of its master.

    He's right. He can't speak to Jesus, so it is unlikely he knows the voice of my Master. But he knows the voice of the Governing Body. Not only do they speak to him, they won't shut up. They drone doctrine incessantly through books they write or authorize. Where they are not only soft, but actually inept in the extreme is demonstrating Scripturally that their doctrine is sound.

    Which is why Fred will never reply to this thread with clear Scriptural defense of his organization's doctrine. There is no clear Scriptural defense of his organization's doctrine.

    Fred, you have sufficiently proven to me that the organization is your master and that you don't know Christ. Unless you have a personal relationship with Jesus you can never manage better than knowing about Christ. Jehovah's Witnesses seal you away from relationship with Jesus. Once you have that relationship you no longer need any human organization to interfere in your spiritual life; you no longer need anyone to be teaching you. (1 John 2:26-29)

    You believe you are not anointed. I agree. You don't know the voice of Christ; by your own admission you two aren't on speaking terms.

    Whether or not you wake up I hope you have seen that my beliefs are founded on Scripture, not on some publishing company's self-aggrandizing promotional literature.



    AuldSoul..I doubt you`ll get a reply from Fred..You think for yourself..WBT$ tells Fred what he thinks..If you get any reply at all,it will be a WBT$ cookie cutter answer..Garbage in,Garbage out...OUTLAW

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Just don't worry about that Auld Soul. You should be selling magazines, going to sales meetings 5 times a week and believing whatever rambling roll-a-dex article that comes down the pike.

    Never ceases to amaze me, the number of people in this world who oh-so-stridently claim to "know" what God think and then presume to speak on behalf of God.

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