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  • Outaservice

    It appears there was recently found a major source of oil (1.7 trillion barrels) in Calgary, Canada. If you 'Google' in 'Oil Sands, Calgary Canada) you can read about it. I heard from a cousin who is going there that they need welders real bad and are offering a $5000.00 signing bonus, plus a wage of $150.00 per hour.

    There is probably other job openings there too. Check it out.


  • Elsewhere

    That should give you an idea of how much money oil companies make.

    I grew up in an "oil town" and heard stories of guys being fired after they damaged equipment that resulted in one or two days or down time on a single unit... each day down the company lost millions of dollars. $150 an hour is peanuts to the oil company.

  • jayhawk1

    I wish I could pipeline weld.

  • ColdRedRain

    To put it in perspective why you're getting paid that much:

    You'll be in a VERY desolate place in Alberta. You won't be in Calgary or Edmonton. You'll be in the pits of Subarctic Canada. To put it in perspective, in Calgary and Edmonton... THERE'S SNOW ON THE GROUND IN MID OCTOBER!!!! You'll be stuck in the coldest climate you've ever felt all for money.

    Thank you, but I'll stay in Semi-Arctic Minnesota, thank you.

  • exjdub

    I don't know CRR...We were in Calgary in October and enjoyed much of the visit in just a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. I know the winters can be brutal, but from what I have been told by my new son-in-law, who is from Calgary, the Chinook winds warm things up once or twice a month to springtime temperatures. I am not sure where exactly the oil sands are, but from Calgary to the middle of Banff is only an hour away, so the city can't be that far away from the oil fields.

    Outaservice is right, there are a ton of jobs in Calgary and not all of them have to be in oil. There is a lot of work that pays extremely well as a byproduct of the oil business. Calgary is growing by leaps and bounds. Construction jobs are paying six figures. I have been told that if you work at a McDonalds, or similar fast food place, the wages are about $15.00 an hour. The downside? Housing is very expensive and crammed together in developments that all look the same. Nice houses, but small yards and generic looking neighborhoods. Taxes are brutal as well. Beautiful place, though. Stunning beauty in the Rockies.


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