Why are so many Elders and Elders deleted so angry at the Flock?

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  • JWCartPusher
    Has anyone else experienced the wrath of Elders and ex-Elders on innocent rank-and-file dubs? What are these power hungry men and their wives so mad about? Where is the love we were promised when those witnesses spent hours indoctrinating us about the Spiritual Paradise of Witnesses we would be joining? Where are these or "them" who love each other? All I experienced is their hatred and wrath, what should I do, roll away?
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    From the time I became a Witness in the 1990s, I can say 100% truthfully that never once did I receive animosity - or worse, from any worldly friends I'd had for years.

    On the other hand, the nastiest, most devious, dishonest and corrupt people I've had to deal with, were Elders and their wives in my previous two congregations.

    In second place is a close family member whose husband is an Elder!

    So much for the spiritual paradise folks!

    Witnesses who have "positions" within KH's are the least trustworthy people I've ever met since becoming a Witness!

  • dozy

    I was an elder myself - some elders are ok & genuine - others are the "little man in a cheap suit" power hungry men you describe. Having seen it from both sides I do have some sympathy for elders - most of the time it is a thankless , boring , often frustrating job. I remember one psychotic sister literally screaming at me during a shepherding call complaining that her equally nutty son wasn't being appointed as a MS.

    As far as the so-called "spiritual paradise" stuff is concerned , I think the longer you have been "in the truth" & then look at it from an outside perspective , you realise that it isn't really a "christian" religion in the sense that people are encouraged to be really nice decent people. Some are , but they would be decent people with or without being a JW. It's just basically a classic American Amway style pyramid business / cult.

  • Vidiot

    I also suspect that - on some unconscious level - they perceive the Org (and, thusly, their whole world) declining around them.

    I remember a report from one still-in guy here who'd attended one of the bigger elders' meetings, and told us that he'd gotten the distinct impression that at least some of the higher-ups were feeling very threatened.

  • millie210

    I know the reason I am leaving is because of elders.

    I wish I had a more intellectual reason, like some here do but I dont.

    I probably would have continued on forever, just swallowing my doubts if not for an outright act of aggression against a family member.

    Ironically, all the elders involved in my family members case (son) have bad relationships with their own sons who have not only left the truth but who lead lives that are of great embarrassment to their fathers.

    So there sat my young son and he got their full fury.

  • westiebilly11

    In my village of around 6000 there is only and elder and his wife and two children who are active jws. He is a recently appointed elder and thoroughly obnoxious..when there were around 15 active jws in our village we had the tuesday book study at his home...but had to constantly relocate as his wife constantly complained of people walking on her oh so plush carpets.. and finger marks on door handles etc etc

    As I said we used to have 15 or so jws in the village but thanks to this elder and his wife's attitudes and selfishness, most have drifted out.

    He does nothing to help others either in the faith or out. I'm embarrassed to have known them. When his very kind father, an elder himself at one time, and a decent compassionate man too, passed away a year or two go he neglected his mother to the point that she has recently moved over 200 miles away to stay with an elderly frind in another cong. I still believe that if this son had been more of a son to his father his father would still be here. Instead the son focussed entirely on appearing to be spiritual and appearing to care for the older ones etc etc.

    Yes there are some genuinely caring elders ( who would still be equally caring if out of the jw fold) but there are also some two faced nepotistic hypocrites who, if it really was an approved by god organization, would be thrown out..

  • flipper

    " What shall I do , roll away ? " If by roll away you mean walk away from the organization- then yes, roll away. Even though I came from a very prominent JW family in my California area - I saw the injustices committed by my own elder dad for over 40 years. And I was on the receiving end of plenty of vitriol by elders who ran after me trying to DF me even 4 years after I left the JW cult. If you are on their radar- they will not stop until you either turn yourself in, give in , or come back in the organization. They will NOT give you an acceptable way to leave- if you're on their radar.

    That being said one thing you can do - which I did myself- is move to another area where nobody knew you in the cult. That works very well because you don't end up bumping into these people all the time that you knew at Starbucks or grocery stores. It's nice not having to see their angry faces looking back at you. I even had elders chasing after me for awhile although I moved 80 miles away from my last congregation. Eventually they gave up when I threatened them with a lawsuit and they overturned my DFing. I won my appeal, they didn't want to drag in a tiger by the tail. They had a live one who challenged them and they didn't like it. So sometimes if they keep harassing you - then you have to fight fire with fire. But if they leave you alone- I would just as well leave well enough alone and get the hell out of their area. My 2 cents from one who has lived it

  • flipper
    But in answer to your thread question : " Why are elders so angry " ? Could be lots of reasons. They are in a patriarchal organization where they are the " middleman " so to speak, the go-between - between WT authorities and the publishers so a lot is expected of them, the pressure must be incredible. One reason I stayed an MS and never served as an elder. But the WT Society GB and leaders will throw these elders under the bus in court cases regarding child abuse and leave them twisting in the wind. That could cause anger. But they are probably angry also because as an elder you get to see more of the hypocrisy coming down from Bethel and see injustices in closed door meetings that the average rank & file JW would not see. So there is probably a lot of anger in elders knowing they have to follow such stupid ass leaders at Bethel - then be expected to insist the rank & file do so as well. I would imagine it doesn't make you many friends at the " publisher " level. So out of frustration some elders take it out on the flock and some elders are into hoarding authority over the flock just like WT leaders hoard authority over them. It's the trickle down effect of keeping power and control over people. So again- just my 2 cents
  • ToesUp
    When your dynasty starts to fall apart, you start to loose power. Then you just become like everyone else. Not so special. They are legends in their own minds.
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Has anyone else experienced the wrath of Elders and ex-Elders on innocent rank-and-file dubs?


    What are these power hungry men and their wives so mad about?

    Many are tired from working low-paying jobs, disappointed that they are growing older and poorer while the paradise isn't really any closer than it was 40 years ago. When they go to the meetings they're tired of giving so many talks and trying to get others to show up for FS. They tire of befriending and love-bombing other people that they really don't have much in common with or even like sometimes. And they're tired of kissing the CO's and COW's asses every few months. They can't take this disappointment and frustration out of jehovah, the GB, or the bOrg. That just leaves everything and everyone else as targets.

    Where is the love we were promised when those witnesses spent hours indoctrinating us about the Spiritual Paradise of Witnesses we would be joining?

    The "love" was just love-bombing to get people to join. Then "love" is just a propaganda tool like "joy". They're depressed and emotionally distant, but call them "joy" and "love".

    Where are these or "them" who love each other?

    There's plenty of love to be found outside the KH.

    All I experienced is their hatred and wrath, what should I do, roll away?

    You're still a young cart, there can be much more to life than displaying WT litteratrash and advertising their Interwebsite. Perhaps you could replace all that stuff with some nice brochures and posters for vacations or cars! Or, maybe you could go to university and handle brochures for educational programs and financial aid. Whatever you choose, it's likely that you will get much more love and attention than what you've been getting as a JWcart. Also, I hope you're comfortable with people getting all touchy-feely if you become a "worldly" display.

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