liars and fools

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  • tijkmo

    hey +...thanx very much this is exactly the sort of thing i was looking for..

    the version of liars and fools on the website was the first ever copy (as in fact are most of the songs there) so there is quite a bit of additional instrumentation on subsequent versions and it has only been demo recorded in my home

    my intention is to get it recorded properly and than use a film as a back drop when would of course be the full version i.e parts 1-3 and not speeded up...and followed by parts 4-6...with other songs in between

    once i have the recordings done i will get in touch to see if you would be interested in doing the full thing.

    cheers ian

  • +

    Hello ian!

    I am always interested.

    I transmit straight googleVideo the English version of motherremix.
    Most likely Tuesday 20.00 h.

    To this I buy today the DVD of the film „the others“.

    You have photos of yourself?

    Super8 film?

    Convention photos.

    We could use pictures of Merry Magdalene?
    Do not be angry with me if I say this:
    but films with beautiful women get in principle better…

    For 60 seconds film, I need approximate 25 pictures.
    You have a camera?
    Mobile telephone with camera or web cam etc.?

    I can need everything - everything.
    But not one please - no comedy.

    Film the new session of liars and fools,
    for a couple of hours this raw material provides home page on yours,
    I notify you of it until I have me copied it,
    I then make the next version of liars and fools.

  • deeskis

    Bravo!............I love it +. I've appreciated the other clips you've posted recently, but this one had more impact knowing that it features Merry and Tij's song, and the lyrics are spot on.


  • +
  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    fantastic as ever + and tijkmo

    Thank you for sharing your talents

  • dedpoet

    Thankyou +, Tjkmo and Merry, a collaboration made in heaven!!

    I look forward to more.

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