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  • restrangled

    Mom asked me to come over and help with a drapery rod decision.

    One of the prominent pieces in the room is a book case by a firm called "Cheryl"...quite expensive about 8 feet tall in cream wood with much carving....a beautiful piece.

    Low and behold, displayed in the center are the 7 books...... "Studies in the Scriptures".....They don't go with anything, off red covers. I was shocked. Any other books were different versions of the if the Studies in the Scriptures held the same prominence.

    Needless to say I was appalled. As a card carrying JW, I would think these would be one of the "hidden under the bed series".

    Really not funny but didn't know where else to post it, and just venting.

    What do you think?


  • brunnhilde

    Oh yeah! It used to be one of my passions to find the old copies of the early publications. Of course they weren't for reading - just for bragging rights *snort*

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Rest,

    Have an on-again, off-again home decorating service, which includes helping hapless, disorganized ones declutter. I've had jobs that involved rearranging books - by types, dimension, cover materials, etc. As I'm a bibliophile, it was a job I loved. In my decor books displaying English Cottage examples, I notice books piles randomly and at oddly juxtaposed positions. I rather like it, but it contrasts too severly with my anal compulsion of all-the-hangers-must-face-in-the-same-direction fetish.
    Upon examining your mother's furnishings and accessories, I most likely would do a toss. You are right to vent. What separates [wo]man from the animals is [her] his ability to accessorize.
    Fees available upon request. Banana cream pie is deemed adequate reimbursement.

    Coco du Decor

  • restrangled


    Your talents are realized, and will be taken seriously....those books are gonna go! They don't match the room, .......of least importance

    Your fee may be redeemed at any point you make it here to Florida, and if you need a place to stay my home is open.....The accomadations are small but comfortable. Banana cream pies and soups upon request. The best coffee is always brewing.......the only thing needed from you is a sit down at the old Chickering once in awhile. Mean while your favorite music will be playing on a fantastic sound system.

    Please keep in mind I have two beautiful beasts that are my darlings which must be tolerated. They are well behaved and gentleman in the babies, my Dobermans.

    You are welcome anytime dear, I would be happy to pick you up at the airport,..............if you need a break........


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Rest and Emerging Hubby,

    What a lovely invitation! I surely will work toward that inspiring goal. Family has just returned from the House of Hurtfulness; your house sounds so much nicer - and friendlier, gentlemen Dobies et al.
    Just read something called Dear Diary and some poor sap named Sparky Le Fer crying buckets over his unsold art - you outta check it out. Lamentable, but I do have a bit of a soft spot for underdogs.
    Are Max and Friend underdogs or overdogs? Hotdogs?


  • restrangled

    Hey Coco,

    I have Maximus fighting for Alpha over Zeus.....but both boys gentlemen beyond belief in the house. I never say a word, its all body language, ...always understood.

    No raising of voices, just pointing or a look.

    I have a beautiful cat that will not be touched by these boys, because of my firm looks.

    There have been no accidents, no one is on furniture like I said perfect gentlemen.

    Dobermans are extremely perceptive of human beings and absolute loves.

    So again, Coco, if you would like to get out of some cold weather for a weekend....wait about 2 weeks and Orlando weather will be mild and I will be ready to host you and pick you up at the airport. We can visit gardens here, some art museums and exotic shopping areas if you are up for need to spend money just window shop and have lunch....

    You mentioned you don't drink, but I am a wine lover, so you will have to live with that!

    Love, R.


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