Tell Me, Why Do JWs Suck To You???

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  • GoingGoingGone

    Funny you should ask.... (and how much time have you got??????)

    They break up families in the name of God, when it's all BS.

    The break up friendships in the name of God, when it's all BS.

    They refuse to allow their members freedom of thought to question anything they say.

    They trick children (as young as 6) into getting baptized, which then seals their fate. Obey us, or lose everything.

    The families they don't manage to break up have their family time stolen by meetings, assemblies, field service, elders meetings, shepherding calls, preparing for meetings, writing parts for meetings, etc, etc, etc. Example... My husband went in service today from 9am-1pm. Came home, ate a sandwich, and left again at 1.30pm for an elders meeting, which will be over around 4pm.... then they'll chat... he'll be home around 4.45pm, I'm guessing. And when I told him that we were invited out to my dad's for dinner, his reply was, I don't have time for that!! (insert screaming smiley here)

    I can't imagine the number of lives they've ruined.

    Anything else you wanna know????


  • minimus

    They suck because they are full of BS. Ain't that the truth!

  • poppers

    Well, without sucking how does a helpless child receive propper spiritual food?

  • minimus

    Hmmm, maybe suck is the wrong word, eh?

  • JH

    They can't make the distinction between a worldly criminal and a worldly "just" person..........They say both will die at Armageddon.

  • JH

    Their religion sucks because they don't encourage any good worldy fundraising

  • minimus

    Everyone else but JWs living is STOOOOOOOOOPID

  • hubert

    They suck, because they kill people (suicides, blood)..... shun their own blood, and destroy families.


  • garybuss

    Min, don't high control groups function by the use of seduction, threat of rejection, and then rejection . . . in a cycle?

    I see time and again Witness relatives rejecting former members, cutting off all or almost all contact. Then in a few months or a few years they will work seduction to re-establish contact, just to threaten rejection and then go back to full rejection again. I see some repeat the cycle every few years.

    It's the seduction that's dishonest. The rejection is real.

    The other line item that's hard for me not to notice, is the aggressive nature that the Witnesses advocate against the best interests of their fellows and against their clients such as the parents and group paid attorneys advocating for the Canada born babies to die without treatment.

    It's hard for me to get warm and fuzzy about a group that takes those approaches against their families and against their fellow humans.

  • zagor

    oh ok, that was a question of why, not what. I need glasses :)

    Well on that subject I want to say that I feel sorry for innocent individuals and there are many. But I will always remember reading transcript of some trials to Nazis after the war. Many were guilty by "association" for allowing things to happen even if they didn't do them themselves. And that is my point, JW religion and its active participants destroy so many lives and then lay blame on the victim while subjecting them to every hardship allowed by the law of a country they are in.

    Forget, false teaching (like many other religions are much better in searching for any truth about our universe...) forget failed prophecies (and there are many) what gets me the most is that stoic-like attitude toward suffering of others as if they deserved it somehow for simply not being able to see the things in the way few illiterate old farts in Brooklyn panned it out.

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