Thoughts About "Filler" and Fufilled Preaching

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  • metatron

    So, what are they going to fill the "public" Watchtower with? They already have enough trouble filling the Awake with sarong

    wrapping, interesting bugs and breezy articles on natural science. If you have one "Truth-Lite" journal, what do you do with


    And the "private" Watchtower? Take a good look at recent Kingdom Ministrys and note h-o-w a-r-t-i-c-l-e-s s-e-e-m to be stretched

    to fit the page, as if they really don't have much more superficiality to inject.

    And the "fufilled preaching work"? Hello?

    At some point, all this Theocratic downsizing hits home and an explanation is needed - and what excuse is that?

    Jehovah is winding it all down. It's almost over. That's why contributions decline, growth dwindles and printing presses

    go idle. It's because Jehovah is ending the preaching work and Armageddon is nearly here.

    At no time would they honestly admit that it's all a scam and always has been such.


  • Finally-Free
    Jehovah is winding it all down. It's almost over.

    Time to bring out the kool-aid! YAY!


  • fullofdoubtnow
    It's almost over.

    I don't know about the almost. The days of huge growth are definitely over for the wts. They are now entering years of rapid decline, which will speed up even more once they run out of kids to blackmail into baptism to boost numbers.

    At no time would they honestly admit that it's all a scam and always has been such

    In a few years, they won't have to admit it, everyone will have realised it.

  • Warlock

    INCREASE= Evidence of God's spirit.

    DECREASE= Evidence of God's spirit.



  • Lumptard

    I heard from a little birdy that they're planning on having centerfolds......skirts 2" above the knee...whooo...gettin risque'

  • Tuesday

    Centerfolds would be rather hilarious. I'll say there are a few girls in the org I wouldn't mind seeing above the knee LOL.

  • rolling rock
    rolling rock

    Tuesday I like the way you think... At lest 2 inches!!!

  • Amazing


    Well ... I recall when they taught that once the gethering work was finished and the main preaching work done, that they would go into their final proclaimation mode, where they preach the warning message of impending destruction, but no hope to join the Watchtower, as the door to the spiritual ark will be closed ... the purpose is so that the billions of non-JWs will know why Jehovah was giving them the axe soon ... kind of like a judgment message. It will be interesting to see the look on JWs faces when they realize that their entire belief system is a fraud ... just after they complete their final warning work, and like all the other times in the past, they wait at the proverbial "top of the hill" to be spared destruction and ... not a damn thing happens.

    We will be watching, blogging, and waiting to welcome the last few reasoning, thinking JWs who have an ounce left of their own brains and hearts. The rest of the JWs ... who knows what will happen to them ... likely they will start another cult or two or three or more ... or end up on valium and lithium for the rest of their lives as they sort it all out in therapy.

    Jim Whitney

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