The Largest BOE File Ever Compiled!

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  • Atlantis
    Watchtower Body Of Elder Letters:
    This PDF file is the largest BOE file ever compiled. It has been downloaded at least 30 times with no virus issues. The file is from 1905 to 2015 updated, and includes all the Elder Manuals from 1961 to 2010 at the bottom of the bookmarks. It includes BOEs from the United States as well as London, Britain, and the International Bible Students Association. The file is approximately 800-MB large, and contains 12,159 pages. We hope to get this file to every attorney, doctor, book writer, pastor, and news professional as possible. The file was too large for google to scan for any virus, but we have downloaded it with no problems.
    Please share this file with any attorney you feel would like to get their hands on it! There are BOEs in this file which would be very damaging to the Watchtower in court..Click the link below and click DOWNLOAD ANYWAY.It will take 5 minutes or so to completely download.. 80001..Petra!
  • 88JM

    Lots of little gems in there - I've never seen those little public talk outline change request slips before - i.e. page 11209

    I knew they existed as the P.O. here used to make the corrections by hand to the congregation's box of outlines. Nowadays it's just a PDF file that gets distributed and updated similar to this one.


  • Watchtower-Free
  • suavojr

    Wow! Thanks for this gem. I just have a nice collection to read up on THANKS SO MUCH

  • wifibandit

    Excellent! Thank you!

    This file has been mirrored in these places:!mlFCTK4D Use Key: d1QzSZd-iuQbhiIEtFh0OHDemEFdl72FyCk6CCNkkvw

  • JeffT

    Funny, just the other day I was listening to the NPR coverage of the Conti case with my wife and oldest son. Somebody they were interviewing mentioned secret communications to the elders. I said they weren't very secret as I was reading them here all the time.

    Download starting, I may have some new blog material.

  • minimus
  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Thank you so much!!!

    I have read all of 2014 & 2015 letters

  • nicolaou
    Thank you Atlantis.
  • fastJehu

    Thanks for this great PDF.

    Where can I find the 2014 + 2015 BOEs? You have a page number to start with?

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