The next big change... my prediction

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    I remember back when we had to pay for the magazines that the pioneers got a special rate, they were like a nickle cheaper or something. They could actually make a profit on the sales if they were good, but most put the extra in the contribution box.

    One time on vacation our family went to the NY bethel and I went to the literature counter to get the latest set of magazines (sometimes 1-2 months ahead of what we had back home) and emptied my change onto the counter. In the mix was a Canadian dime. The "brother" put a fat finger on the dime and slid it back across the counter at me. "We don't accept foreign coins" I was told.

    That was all I had and someone behind me in line offered up a american dime so I could get my magazines. I was so angry, in an organization that was supposed to be loving I couldn't reconcile this person's behavior.

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