What is your take on birthdays?

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  • honest

    Hi i am still yet to introduce myself, but i will soon i promise!!! I am a very open minded JW and currently have not been happy with their techings on alot of subjects. One issue i have is Birthdays, i do not agree with their techings on this subject, i never have. They are consistent with their outlook on this subject due to the 2 mentions of it in the bible. If Jehovah was so displeasing with this celebration why did he not comment on the actual festivity why did he not say i forbid my followers to celebrate birthdays? Also in Job Chapter 1 it speaks of Jobs sons each celebrating their own day! The watchtower seems to think they were celebrating their harvest days, (which certainly does not make sense to me) I know for a fact the majority of witnesses secretly celebrate birthdays, not to the degree of other but they certainly acknowledge it and most of us do not agree with it. What is your take on it. I just think it is another man made rule! I also have many other issue with this Religion, can you tell i am little peed off!!

  • Sassy

    Welcome to JWD!

    You are smart to analyze the things you do not agree with.

    I have to say I miss that I never had birthdays. I don't agree with why we didn't celebrate either, but who was to question.

  • owenfieldreams

    as a fader, i have to honestly say this is one carryover i've had since leaving. even though i am not opposed to others celebrating the holiday, i don't see a need to do so myself. it's kind of like valentines day to me--it's just sort of a 'made up' holiday that really has little importance. just my two cents.....

  • ButtLight
    just think it is another man made rule

    There ya go!

    Ok, my two cents. I'll Try not to make this too long. When they came a nockin almost two years ago, I asked that question. The "former" elder that came in had something interesting to say about the subject. I said, I have questions I dont understand, and he said like what? I said "why cant celebrate birthdays? I know there are only two recorded in the bible, and the didnt end well, but it doesnt say that we should not!" He said I was right! BUT (this is his excuse) "Wouldnt it mean more to you if someone gave you a gift, for no reason, on no special day?" I said, of course it would, but, I believe the day my daughter was born, is a very special day, for me and her........why not remember that day always? He had no answer, accept that it would be more special to give a gift for no reason. And then I said, didnt they come bearing gifts when jesus was born? He said, yes, but they dont know when, and think he was older..............wtf? They still came bearing gifts to jesus.......I dont care if he was 6 months or 5 years old!!!!!!!!!!

  • under_believer

    What's wrong with having a party to let someone know you're happy that they're alive?

    And what Biblical precedent is there for forbidding a practice on such shaky grounds? Seriously, two bad guys are listed in the Bible as celebrating their birthdays, and that makes such celebrations wrong? Gimme a break.

  • ButtLight

    Forgot to add this former "elder" has a public record for flashing women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mulan

    I think birthday parties for kids are wonderful. They absolutely love them. I cannot see a single thing wrong with a child feeling like they have that day to be special, at school, at home, and at their party.

    For adults, who want to do it too, good for you! We do them in our family for major milestone birthdays, like 20, 30, 40, etc.

    Growing up as a JW, from age 4, my mother always made a big deal out of my birthday, in words only, and would tell me how wonderful that day was for her, and how she felt the first time she saw me. I never got tired of hearing that story. When I got married, she called me every year on my birthday, and still does. She is 94 now and I take her to lunch on her birthday, and I think she would be crushed if I forgot the day, so I never do. (I take her to lunch about twice a month anyway, but that is her special day)

    Once when we were all JW's, I asked her about the story in Job and what she thought it meant. Without pausing a second, she said "they were celebrating their birthdays, of course". Mom is a devout JW, but she has her own mind too.

  • honest

    See this is why it irates me!!!! Answers like these!! This may be a small issue but it is a prime example of Power! It is a greay matter therefore no one elses business if i choose to celebrate the birth of my children! No elder has been able to answer my question. Seriously the Watchtower organisation need to let their members have some free reign on certain things, they should not control every aspect of our lives, it is not normal. Jehovah gave us free will for a reason. At the international convention in Sydney A elder gave a talk about being no part of the world and gave the experience of Twins who attended school they were 6 years old and the teacher who was very fond of them made them a Birthday cake, well the girls refused to eat it, this brother went onto say that these girls and their mother gave a fine example to the Teacher. It DID NOT she would of been offended and thought well these people are bunch of looneys, infact i would bet it gave a pretty bad witness.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Birthdays was a subject I latched onto early on because it just seemed so "made up". There are so many other things that could be forbidden based on the same stuff, and yet aren't. Here's the research I did on it. Others here have contributed to it as well: http://TheBentinel.com/jw-birthdays.html

    Hope it helps! Keep thinking!


  • honest

    Thanks guys for your feedback i really appreciate it. Mulan - your experience with this issue is what i wanted! There is the feeling that most witnesses do not agree withthis ruling. A sister in a neighbouring Congo turned 40 and to mark the occassion she had a small gathering at a restaurant. Her reasoning was i have never clebrated anything in my life and i want to start enjoying it. Well word got to the elders and she was reprimanded, know certain zealots do not even talk to her at the meetings as if she has committed gross sin! How heartless JW's can be. You know what this sister is just a beautiful person!

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