Cold Reading and the supernatural

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  • Core88

    Good info Randy, thanks again. Corey

  • anewme

    I absolutely believe what you said is TRUE!!!
    I have known a couple of people with very impressive "powers" of intuitiveness.
    These individuals believe they have "spirit guides". They may have no other way to describe or understand their own abilities.

    Others are great observers who have also excellent memories. And together these extraordinary gifts combine to allow them to deduce or make accurate guesses concerning future events or human behavior.

    My own husband possesses the observing powers plus memory. It is amazing the many advantages this offers him. Consider the genius of a Sherlock Holmes type. Good example of powers of observation and memory.

    I think this ability to study, observe, memorize and persuade, are behind many of the people with so called outstanding powers.

  • Gill


    Thanks for posting that.

  • mary stewart
    mary stewart

    this is great stuff randy! proves how bogus spirit mediums are. prolly stuff like this proves how silly ufos are.

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