Reasons behind disfellowshipping over 'worldly divorce'

by needproof 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • pratt1

    Although they will try to talk you out of getting a "worldly Divorce" they can not D\F you for this unless someone committs adultrey.

    What I have seen happen is that if someone has sex after the divorce and it is not connected to the failed marriage, some congos will just privately reprove the person, especially if you are going to get married, and especially if you were perceived in the congo as the injured party in the original marriage.

    It also doesn't hurt if your family is held in high esteem in the circuit.

  • Sassy

    Its when they think you don't have 'scriptural grounds' for a divorce.... so if you try to remarry they df you for adultry since they felt you had no right to divorce in the first place..

    which is one of the reasons I left them...

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