Lying elder on the stand exposed in new version of testimony video!

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Hey people,

    This really knocks the socks off this liar. It includes pages from the Custody packet that he denys knowledge of and a KM from 1992 with the announcement of its availability. I think its well done.

    Please watch and let me know what you think!


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I got a question about those trial's. What are they on trial for? I cant imagine someone just asking a witness such questions in a court of law. what is the circumstance that led to the trial? A little background would help.

  • rebel8


  • blondie

    I think this is a child custody case and if I'm not mistaken, this was a case involving, alamb, a poster on JWD.


  • ButtLight

    The original one is floating around somewhere on here.

    He also said that they dont shun former members if I recall correctly. They dont USE the term shunning!!!!!!!!!! what a crock of shite!

  • dedpoet

    Someone ought to show that guy the video.

    What a liar! I would love to know what the judge was thinking while the elder was denying the existence of a document he had on his desk.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Blondie is right. This video originated with alamb. Here's the thread where he notifies everyone he's posted it on Youtube. Over 150 posts on this thread make for a lively discussion. Go see....


  • alamb

    This was a child custody dispute. My ex called in the "Brother" to testify that shunning doesn't exist. I had argued that if the children's father got custody, my own and my children's freedom of religious rights would be trampled as I would be shunned by my children. The children's rights to have two loving parents would also be called into question. That opened up a can of worms: Religious freedom v. Parental and children's rights.

    I came into court with 4 ex-JW's who testified before he did as to the effects of shunning on their families. Jim Johnson, the elder, wasn't allowed in the court so as not to corroborate his testimony. So his lies showed blatantly to the court what they will do....lie to cover up their teachings....including the booklet that instructs them to lie.

    I have been compiling the documents and info. for the U. S. Justice Department after speaking to them regarding the teachings of a group to perjure themselves. If anyone can help please p.m. me. I need affidavits as to the effects of perjury re: abuse, custody, etc.

  • Synergy

    Lying Elder - that term is reduntant.

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