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  • AuntieJane

    While reading about the sad tragedy in SLC, I came across a blog. I found it pretty interesting in that it could be compared to exJW's. I didn't realize there was a secret Mormon handshake! Maybe that's something that could be started here...a secret exJW handshake ! Just kidding, but maybe not...? Anyway, sorry to digress, it was an interesting blog, here it is:

    At work, one of my colleagues revealed he's from Waco, Texas, so I commented that my college has as many connotations as Waco. Of course, everyone then asked where I went to college. I started internally berating myself for bringing it up, but I told them anyway: BYU. The inevitable follow-up questions ensued. "Are you Mormon? Did you grow up in Utah?"

    I told them, No, I'm not Mormon. But I was raised Mormon.

    One women related that she has Mormon neighbors who are very nice to her. They cook her dinner, get her to come play volleyball (at the stake center?), and, yep, you guessed it, invite her to church.

    "No way," she said, "that's where I draw the line. I am Catholic and am staying that way. I'd like to think they're being my friends for my sake, but I can't help think they just want to convert me."

    "Sorry," I said. "They will always have conversion on their minds. Of course Mormons are capable of making friendships for the sake of friendships, but it will always be somewhere in their minds that they should try to convert you. Sorry, but that's the way it is."

    We got into a discussion that included Under the Banner of Heaven and blood atonement, the church's restrictions on piercings, premarital sex, tattoos, and how BYU came dead last in a ranking of party schools. I told them I was thinking about both a nose piercing and a tattoo, and they teased me that now that I am settled down with a family, I'm going through my rebellious stage. That made me laugh.

    I explained that when I am in Utah, I want to stand out so other ex-mos can identify me easily. A lot of us are in some degree of hiding, so it's hard to know who is who. I nose piercing would be a great clue, I told them. To that, one of the guys joked about secret handshakes.

    "Actually," I said, "funny you should say that. Mormons do have secret handshakes. And if I ever gave one to someone, they would know I'm an ex-Mormon."

    "Wacko," the Catholic girl said. I concurred.

    The conversation moved on, and I went home at the end of the day. And I realized I was in a damn good mood. Talking about Mormonism, and having people agree with me that some of that stuff is just wacko--that made me feel good. I'm not crazy after all.

  • IsaacJS2

    That's a cool story. I have some relatives on my father's side that are Mormon-wannabes. I love telling people that I was a JW, but could have become a Mormon.

    I suspect the Mormons have a lot in common with the WT, but I don't know enough to formulate a strong opinion.


  • UnConfused

    That would just about make me feel complete after all else - to be left with a secret handshake!

    Why not.

    Can it be like the one Curly and Moe did, sound effects and all?

  • AuntieJane

    sound effects, now that would really make a statement!

  • Snoozy

    They had a program on Mormans tonight on TV..It convinced me also that they are Wacko!...

    Those men really know how to buffalo the women. Sad..they don't even have a mind of their own.What really got me was one gal in her twenties had to watch a lot of kids by herself..She was hoping her "hubby" would find another wife real soon.

    And they REALLY overemphasized that they (the gals) were free to do what they wanted and weren't being forced to stay there....A little to much for my comfort.

    I am of the opinion that ALL religions have their quirks...Too bad.


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