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  • R6Laser

    "Personally I think the government should be going after the WTS for the simple reason they are the encouraging force that is making the people commit the crime of neglect and injury" How about going after the parents of these kids. After all they are the ones with the ultimate response over this issue.

  • Gill

    R6Laser - i can't agree with you completely on that. The reason being is that it is the WTBTS that has 'persuaded' the parents that blood transfusion is not only evil in God's eyes but so profoundly dangerous that a person may be even more likely to wish they HAD died after they had one because of all the 'loathsome' diseases that could be caught from blood.

    Parents are not only afraid of the shunning policy but they honestly believe that they will be physically harming their children by allowing blood transfusion?

    The WTBTS paints blood in two completely different ways, that is totally confusing:

    1) that it is sacred and belongs to God

    2) that it is dirty, disease ridden and death dealing.

    Someone say 'Watchtower speak with forked tongue?'

    These are the reasons I believe the WTBTS is to blame for the 'blood problem.'

  • Handsome Dan
    Handsome Dan

    Probably both in a effort to strengthen the position of the law regarding child protection. As the other poster has shown by the cover of the WT or AW the WTS did use and exploited these

    children in an effort to support their blood doctrines, very bad indeed !

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