Another Watchtower Deception

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    Howdy moxy,

    Quote from above site:

    "Even more detailed predictions concerning the League of Nations were made by the two Bible commentators, C.F. Hogg and W.E. Vine, in their book, Touching the Coming of the Lord, published in London in 1919, shortly before the League was formed. They explained that the failure of the League of Nations was predicted in the Bible, at Revelation 17:12, 13:

    Such a League of Nations, for instance, as is proposed to-day as a panacea for national wrongs, not only has been foretold in Scripture as the last resource of international politics, but its failure has likewise been predicted. 8

    Vine who wrote these lines,

    then quotes Daniel 7:23, 24 and continues:

    A corresponding vision was given to the Apostle John. He also saw a beast with ten horns, and the symbolism is again explained, but in greater detail: "The ten horns that thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but they receive authority as kings, with the beast, for one hour (i.e. for a brief time). These have one mind, and they give their power and authority unto the beast," Rev. xvii.12,13. Obviously these ten kingdoms are contemporaneous. The potentates ruling over them agree to a certain policy in handing over their authority to a superior ruler. No such league has existed in human history as yet.

    It is manifest, too, from this Scripture that the existence of the League will provide the opportunity for a man sufficiently strong to dominate the situation. 9

    Further on in the book, Vine explains:

    Clearly, therefore, a league of nations is in view, and this is apparently to be the new form of the old empire.... We are not justified, however, in concluding that the territories of the League of Nations, indicated by the passages related to the ten horns of the beast, will necessarily be confined to the area which has just been under consideration [i.e. the areas of the earlier world empires]. Whatever the arrangement may be, the fact of the League will prepare the way for the government of the final and all-controlling despot. 10

    It is very interesting to note that the Bible interpretations which the Watch Tower Society many years later began to attach to the League of Nations are practically identical to those published by Vine in 1919. It seems rather obvious that President Rutherford and some of his co-workers were well aware of the interpretations different millenarians tied to the League of Nations at an early stage. Vine and Hogg were both well known commentators on Bible prophecy. Besides, Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words is often quoted in the Watch Tower publications.

    Watch Tower leaders picked up his application of Revelation 17:11-13 early in the 1930s, without mentioning the source or sources of it. A later generation of Witnesses is now given the impression that the leaders of the Watch Tower Society, under the influence of God's holy spirit, originated these predictions and interpretations, and this in turn is used as evidence of their claim to be Jehovah's modern-day prophet!" (bold changed by me)


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    oh thx for cut-and-pasting all that waiting. id read that already but i meant the part about 'spirit mediums.' I think you're thinking of Johannes Greber. W.E. Vine is a well-respected expositor afaik.


    i spose i am - no one has enquired...

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    Interesting quote from Osarsif's link:

    The "scarlet colored beast" (Rev. 17:3) was explained to be "The Hague International Peace Conference," formed in 1899. 14 This organization "functioned until the World War. It then went into the abyss and ceased to function. After the World War it came out of the abyss or pit and began to function again in the form of the League of Nations." 15 This understanding was prevalent until 1942 (see for instance the book Enemies 1937, pp. 283ff.), when it dawned upon the Watch Tower leaders that World War II would not develop into Armageddon either.

    No wonder "some" thought WWII would lead into Armageddon.


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    Here are some more excerpts from the Proclaimers Book that prove that The Watchtower will stretch the turth (LIE) to fit their needs.

    1993 Proclaimers Book chapter 8 ( 6 subheadings down)
    *** jv 95 8 Declaring the Good News Without Letup (1942-1975) ***
    Postwar Reorganizing
    In May 1945 the hostilities of World War II in Europe came to an end. Four months later, in September, the fighting ceased in the Pacific. World War II was over. On October 24, 1945, a little over three years after the Society’s president delivered the talk “Peace—Can It Last?” the Charter of the United Nations went into effect.

    1993 Proclaimers Book chapter 14 ( 6 subheadings down )
    *** jv 192-3 14 "They Are No Part of the World" ***
    Once again, following World War II, Christians were faced with a similar issue. This time, it involved the United Nations, successor to the League. While World War II was still under way, in 1942, Jehovah’s Witnesses had already discerned from the Bible, at Revelation 17:8, that the world peace organization would rise again, also that it would fail to bring lasting peace. This was explained by N. H. Knorr, then president of the Watch Tower Society, in the convention discourse “Peace—Can It Last?” Boldly Jehovah’s Witnesses proclaimed that view of the developing world situation. On the other hand, Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish leaders actually shared in the deliberations in San Francisco in 1945 during which the UN Charter was drafted. To observers of these developments, it was plain who wanted to be “a friend of the world” and who was endeavoring to be “no part of the world,” as Jesus had said would be true of his disciples.—Jas. 4:4; John 17:14.


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