Establishing a household budget....anyone good at it?

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  • Terry

    Almost everybody (with financial problems) overlooks a very very obvious (yet hidden!!) aspect of finance.

    By simply refraining from spending on elective habits you achieve THE SAME EFFECT as creating more income!!

    My own personal example.

    For years I had at least one Starbucks latte (sometimes more) per day.

    I stopped doing this cold turkey. This has the SAME EFFECT as suddenly earning an extra $932 a year!!

    Yes, that's what I said!

    Eating out. I stopped. I saved $400 per month. $4800 + $932= $5732 per year. This is like a terrific raise!!

    Bad spending habits can be controlled ONCE YOU BECOME AWARE!

    Think of your money as a water balloon with a tiny pinprick hole. Water is leaking, leaking, leaking constantly.

    If you did not have that tiny drip you'd have ALL the water left.

    But, we develop disgusting ways of hiding our bad habits from ourselves.

    Seize control of your finances by WRITING EVERY PENNY YOU SPEND DOWN ON A LITTLE NOTEBOOK.

    Track your habitual money leaks.

    Plug them.

    Start an emergency fund of $1000 in your bank account.

    Pay off your smallest debt. Proceed to the next largest.

    You will create a sense of discipline and progress.

    IT WORKS!!

  • VanillaMocha73

    Cut out the alcohol. I see more alcoholic JWs. Meats cost a lot, as well as eating a separate meal. I just got a book called Miserly Moms with lots of advice on frugality in the grocery budget. Their target price range is $2 per person per day. We spend $600 a month for a family of 7.

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