Revived beast sick of Unipolar Babylon the Great

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  • *jeremiah*
    It appears a political kingdom CAN be referred to as carrying on spiritistic practices.

    I am in complete agreement with this statement. I can personally associate the phrase "spiritistic practices" with the word religion.

    What did all of the cities/kingdoms that were associated with Babylon and thus destroyed by God have in common? - A lot of them were wealthy and greedy, but more importantly they were idolatruos, pagan, and hated God's people the Jews. The latter is why God came against them.

    In Rev. 17, "Mystery Babylon" is described and equals a religious entity.

    In Rev. 18, Babylon the Great is described as a literal place,...a city, of wealth and commerce.

    Is there a connection between the two? More than likely yes, they are associated. A religious entity needs a city for its headquarters. Does this mean the entire city is based on this religion. No, not necessarily. A city still needs to operate commercially. In fact,...Rev 18 says that this is going to be a very wealthy city.

    As far as ancient Babylon is concerned it was a literal city on the Euphrates river; right after the flood (Genesis 11:1-10), Babylon was the seat of the civilization that expressed organized hostility to God. Babylon was later the capitol of the empire that cruelly conquered Judah. Babylon, to the Jews, was the essence of all evil, the embodiment of cruelty, the foe of God’s people, and the lasting type of sin, carnality, lust and greed. To those familiar with the Old Testament, the name Babylon is associated with organized idolatry, blasphemy and the persecution of God's people. In the New Testament, the worlds system of the last days is characterized both religiously and commercially as Babylon (Revelation 17 and 18). Therefore, Babylon is a suitable representation . . . of the idolatrous, pagan world-system in opposition to God.

    Enough about my take on these prophecies,....I want to know, in your opinion, how the US fits into all this.

    Please answer my questions:

    If the USA is the harlot, then who are the "martyrs of Jesus' that she has killed? Who has she fornicated with? What nations is she presiding over? Sure, she is a superpower,...and a major world influence, but is she really presiding over nations? How are the colors purple and scarlet associated with the US? What do the seven hills/mountains refer to?

    How is the US riding the Beast (Russia)? We are more powerful than Russia at this moment,...but are we really controlling Russia? The Beast uses the Harlot to his advantage and then discards her. How is Russia using the USA to its advantage?

    How do you reconcile that the USA is not a city?

    If the beast is in existence (like you say it is),...then that means the 10 kings have to be in existence too, in your scenario,...who are the ten kings?

  • heathen

    The whore of babylon is the catholic church . end of story . The description in revelation fits them to the T . Idolotry is a very big thing with them including statues with crosses and jewelry . The church colors are purple and scarlet . They practice divination by praying and attempting to communicate with saints , they are a member nation (the vatican city) of the UN . It makes sense to me that eventually the UN will realize that having vatican city as a member nation is absurd and thus take action against it . I can't really see that all other christian religions are effected but it is possible .

  • proplog2


    Very good questions and I have answered them a thousand times in the last 20 years. I have answered them all over this discussion board.

    I will be very glad to answer them in one year.

    You are smart enough to figure this out if you just do the research. For once, just once, play the devil's advocate. Defend my position. I am sure you can. How important is this to you? Gather everything I've said on this subject and you should be able to figure this out.

    It is not important for me to explain this to you. I'm a lousy teacher anyhow.

    Your arguments are all based on a fallacious model.

  • *jeremiah*

    I am someone who is fascinated by eschatology and like to discuss and view others opinions/speculations. I appreciate your commentary with me on this thread.

    You are smart enough to figure this out if you just do the research. For once, just once, play the devil's advocate. Defend my position.

    Based on my opinions/studies I'm not here to defend your position. I don't see your scenario lining up with the context of scripture. You call my views a fallacious model, and that's fine, but I hope you can respect other's views. I will however look forward to one day hearing more about your position and watching things unfold in our world today and in the future.

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