When Ambiguity Signals Betrayal

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  • metatron

    For quite a while now, the Watchtower has been reacting to
    severe controversies with ambiguous replies.

    This is a dramatic change from the decades when they plainly
    expressed their views on neutrality, the U.N., and blood.
    It was felt that to do otherwise violated the sacred responsibility
    of a prophet of Jehovah - if something was wrong or a tool of the
    Devil, they said so. Some quoted from Titus "Concerning these
    things make firm assertions constantly.."

    Well, no more - what does this new habit of ambiguity signify?

    If you want to know, have your wife or girlfriend ask you
    "Honey, do you love me?"

    If your reply is anything but an emphatic YES - if you hesitate
    and give a qualified answer - you will transmit the message

    The Watchtower leaders could, even now, say loudly and publically,

    They could say,
    "DO NOT VOTE!"

    But they aren't going to disavow a course of action that
    may earn them tax benefits, or legal privledges.
    They will continue to 'bend the truth', to hide behind self-
    invented meanings of common words,and cower when caught lying.

    They will do this because, unlike the wife or girlfriend you
    love, they have come to love the whoring they condemned others for
    doing - and that isn't too strong a word, here, when you combine
    pretense, false affections, and payment for hire, willingly and
    freely entered into. If you think my opinion here is too ugly,
    you need to review what kind of illustrations prophets like
    Ezekiel used to describe a corrupt organization that claimed
    to be Jehovah's people in his own time. ("hung like horses",


  • HoChiMin


    Like Clydsdales!


  • Gozz

    And there's the deceit that the rank and file 're being given more latitude to make their decisions. When the Society gets caught in their web of conflicting opinions, they shift matters to the region of personal conscience, while at the same time proposing what a 'mature' Christian should do. The new ambiguity is a mighty crack in the wall, and a betrayal of long-time, die-hard Jdubs. The Watchtower should have listen to Solomon; in the multitude of words there does not fail to be transgression... Once again, apostates are in the right.....

  • Bridgette

    Yep, they're mainstreaming. It's that or die out. Hey, if they truly do become useful like some modern christian churches, give to the poor, help better society, and loosen their chokehold on people's consciences and spirits, and let families reunite like a good little religious corporation, I'm all for it. This does, of course, put them in the sticky situation of being the exact whore-like creation that they always judged Christendom to be, but they will flavor this with new light, as they attempt to placate and retain the old hardliners while trying to attract the new ones they need to feed on to survive.
    All they are, or have ever been is just another religion/corporation. They are totally dependant on public opinion (because they have to bring in fresh blood, as they do not have good retention of their children) and their rank & file. They know what it takes to survive. Good P.R. and selling a useful product. You'll see this org evolve into something totally unrecognizable from what we always knew (something radical like a loving, kind, spiritually refreshing organization) or they will cease to exist beyond the realms of russelite-esque status.
    Interesting indeed.

  • Gozz

    To be fair, there's something they're not being ambiguous about, and it's a one-size-fits-all answer: 'wait on Jehovah'.

  • Yerusalyim

    I'm not sure how I feel about ambiguity!

    "Vanity! It's my favorite sin!"
    [Al Pacino as Satan, in "DEVIL'S ADVOCATE"]

  • metatron

    An update with regard to recent events:

    What they've done is hardly forthright or brave.
    Rather, it was a quiet slinking away motivated by all
    the UN trouble exploding in their collective faces. They'll
    be more sneaky, back door deals and more exposure.

    you can count on it


  • SixofNine

    Metatron, I always enjoy your post.

    Just to be fair to the art of the insult, not to mention horses, men hung like them, and whoring organizations, Ezekiels comparison was directed at the figurative woman/nation/organization who "lusted after" those whose "fleshly member is as the fleshly member of male asses and whose genital member is as the genital organ of male horses."

    But you're absolutely right, the Societies messege has become quite...uhm... flaccid.

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