i'm in shock!

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  • Sunnygal41

    after 13 years with the same car, at the beginning the week i became the proud owner of a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser! She is the most beautiful car i've ever owned............she's candy apple red, with leather seats that are heated, sun/moon roof, chrome wheels. when i picked her up from the dealer, i didn't even feel like i should own this car, as she is more gorgeous than i could ever imagine..........anyways, i had to share my deep thanks to the universe with y'all............i am deeply happy to have a reliable, warm, safe, but absolutely GORGEOUS, car to drive.........perhaps it's also partly because i will be 50 years old in August............another wonderful milestone in my life........



  • candidlynuts

    congrats!! those are sharp vehicles! enjoy

  • looking_glass

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. May you live some where very warm and have the top down all the time.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Good for you!

    I'm sure you DESERVE it, and you seem really happy with it.

    "May the road rise up to meet you..."

  • tijkmo

    when i was on holiday in california a number of years back we booked in advance our car rental....the only things i specified at the time were cruise control and a cassette player...(we had previously had real cheap rentals that only had a radio which was ok but i had deliberately picked the music i wanted to hear while travelling the whole length and breadth of california and had taken the cassettes i wanted to listen to)

    when we arrived in l.a and went to pick up our rental imagine our disappointment when we were given a huge hyundia that had a cd player. i went and explained to the guy on the desk who understood completely and upgraded us fpr no extra charge to the only car they had left that was equipped with cruise control and a cassette.

    the newly released chrysler cruiser.

    we absolutely loved it

    and everywhere we went people would wave and smile....and at all the tourists spots we would watch as the tourists would manouvre themselves to get the car in the pic..

    i still want one ..and soon they will be in my price range


  • hubert

    Congrats !! I know why you love it so much.It reminds you of the cars of yesteryear. Although I don't own one, I fell in love with the style when they first came out. It reminded me of my very first car, a 1940 Studebaker Commander.

    It had 4 doors and a high back, and the back doors opened to the front. If the back door opened when you were going 50+ miles an hour, you were in deep trouble. It was like putting on a speed brake. LOL !!

    It happened to me once, and all my high school books ended up all over the highway !!!

    Good luck, and enjoy!!


  • bigwilly

    And here I was all excited about getting a 96 Nissan Sentra

    *green with envy*

    Congrats to you !

  • UnConfused

    Good for you toots!

  • Sunnygal41
    Good for you toots!

    lmao.........that is too funny, UnConfused........yeah, that's a cute old fashioned phrase to go with the Yesteryear car............i'd also like to say that although it has been very hard for me to believe that i own this gorgeous car, part of me feels like i've paid my dues, or balanced my karma........hehe, hey, your karma ran over my dogma!........sorry, couldn't resist..........anyways, i've been driving my poor old "Betsy" since my breakup with my ex........i refinanced the car when we divorced, basically took over the payments..........that was in "99........twenty years to the day of our marriage........we got divorced on the very same day...........!!! So, this shows me that life really is circles within circles.............and, as the native americans said so adroitly "we are all related" believe me when i tell you all that i have driven the car 3 days now and i still have to pinch myself......for me, i guess this is one of those "life moments" you read about or see in an ad on tv............. thanks for listening, me

  • UnConfused

    Your pure cheer over this advancement in your life is joyful to hear about. I hope this car get (and your life) gets shinier every year, that the leather never cracks and that it has a new car smell for many many years to come.

    k, toots <wink>


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