Were you able to replace family dos and festivity after becoming a witness?

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  • truthseeker

    Quick question - how many of you here were able to fill the social and festive void left after becoming a witness?

    By this, I mean gatherings and celebrations you had previously with non-witness family and friends.

    Was it difficult to fill the social void after being told not to have bad associations with those who aren't JW's?

    I spoke to one non-witness relative and they said that since the family became JWs, no one ever gets together anymore

    during the worldly holidays and that was the only times family did get together.

  • lfcviking

    No. I really missed Christmas & new year celebrations when i became a JW but tried to kid myself that i didn't. Instead i just tried to see the truth about the matter - about it being a pagan event, not linked to jesus's birthday, the whole commercial greediness about it all etc etc. But hey WHO CARES! Christmas is a time of the year you can get together with your family, enjoy present giving, enjoy some well earned over indulgence and just generally getting pi**ed out of your face & have a good time. So


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I sort of did. I used to get an invitation to spend Xmas day with a brother and sister in our kh who didn't have any kids. We had a meal, and watched tv, in company with several other single people from the cong. Of course, it wasn't an xmas celebration, merely a "gathering" that happened to be on Dec 25th.

  • Nosferatu

    In a way, it worked in my favor because I was always depressed around those large gatherings of JWs. The meetings, the get-togethers, the conventions, they all made me depressed.

    However, when I'd get together with a bunch of worldly friends, I'd get depressed all over again just like I did at any JW gathering. That was something I had to work on, and I'm doing better now.

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