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  • betty boop
    betty boop

    Hi Everyone

    First, i wanted to say i haven't posted in a really long time and i am happy to be back!

    Second, i was thinking that there are a lot of smart people from all over the world and perhaps its a good idea to put my cards on the table

    I live in nyc, which i love but its SO hard to meet quality guys. I am content with my life and although im relatively young its getting a bit frustrating.

    So i figured if anyone had any single available guys in their life perhaps send them my way :-)

    My only superficial requirements is that they be at least 5'10 ft tall and above. I love my high heeled shoes.

    Is this desperate???? I almost dont care. It seems kind of adventorous.....

  • RAF

    I was wondering what "mingle" meant in this context (cheked the dico for that)

    least 5'10 ft tall and above

    Cool ... most of guy's are probably more than that tall at 20 lets say everybody got a chance !!!

    Wishe the best !!!

    answered to be BTT ...

  • RAF
    Is this desperate???? I almost dont care. It seems kind of adventorous.....

    but sorry I can't hold it ... yes it really looks desesperate.

    are you ok?

  • Elsewhere

    I see nothing wrong with this... hell if she wants to open more social options I say more power to her!

    Some people are not into to large social crowds and therefore need to meet people through other means.

  • betty boop
    betty boop

    Gee thanks for the support RAF

    Thank you Elsewhere! I am not doing this BECAUSE im desperate. Im not. I figured its just a fun thing to do being that there are a lot of cool people on the forum

    By the way for anyone reading this, i am 5'6 and Latina. Just in case that helps you get a better idea of what i look like ;-)

  • RAF

    Sorry Betty Boop (not my intention to be mean or anything like that) but I've really wondered
    I guess it was because of the way the whole thing was expressed.

    But I'm glad you are not desesparate (it feels better).

  • Robdar

    You asked:

    Is this desperate????

    You got this (person's) honest answer:

    yes it really looks desesperate.

    You reply:

    Gee thanks for the support RAF

    IMO, there's no need in being rude just because you didn't get the validation you thought you deserved. RAF was just calling it the way she saw it. You did ask, afterall.

    Having said that, I hope you get plenty of action so we can all live vicariously through you.

  • zugzwang

    You're 5'6" and you are looking for a guy no shorter than 5'10"? So what are 5'8" guys like me supposed to look for? If I wore the same sized high heel shoes as you would I be good enough?

  • betty boop
    betty boop

    WOW! I didnt know i was supposed to react a certain way too.

    Well the only reason RAF's response bothered me was cuz she said "what's wrong with you" and i felt kind of pitiful and i really dont think anything is wrong with me (altho some might think that's debatable )

    I wasnt being rude i was just like geez i thought this would be a funny thing. Whatever its all good!

    Yes i guess we shall all how this turns out!!

  • lola28

    Wow, JWD as a dating service, Simon should charge a fee.


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