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  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    You could just focus on science and math and leave philosophy alone for awhile; afterall, philosophy is "all talk," albeit sometimes very interesting talk. Or you could look into secular humanism.

  • Carmel

    My personal search for "truth" as I anticiptated it to be as an exiting JW was confined by the narrow perspective inherant in JW upbringing. After several years I had to leave it all and concentrate on my formal education in the biological sciences with meanderings into the humanities and a little chemistry thrown in. I always had a need though to measure what I was learning with what I thought a world view should be as it pertained to "religion". I could no longer confine myself to the perspective of mainline Christianity that saw itself as the only harbinger of "truth" and the only path to salvation. As my exposure to other cultures and belief systems broadened, I could only accept a paradigm of religion that allowed for all of humanity to be in the tent of "God's children". I've found that belief system and find that "truth" has taken on a broader deeper meaning than I had ever imagined as a JW. I like where I am in that regard. Truth will always be revealing itself to me as I journey through life. I believe that is as it should be. We should be life-long learners. carmel

  • poppers

    What is truth? First find out who is asking the question. Then, whatever is left when the mind abates is truth. No idea or thought will approach it; at best mind and words can only point to it. Look not in the mind to find it, but rest in what does the looking.

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