What I loved about the Super Bowl

by *jeremiah* 2 Replies latest jw experiences

  • *jeremiah*

    ....besides the Colts winning....

    Both coach Dungy and Smith and many players on both teams are Christian. I felt that they were a good witness to the world in respects to their beliefs. Dungy, Smith, and many players gave the glory to God.

    In contrast, "Brother Prince" was a fine witness to visual perversion. Don't get me wrong,...I like Prince's music. He's an amazing musician. However,...I thought it was funny/ wrong to see a JW on the world stage purposely displaying a large phallus behind that curtain. What a good witness!....I mean there are children watching.

    I wonder if he will be surrounded by the elders after the meeting this week and counseled on his phallic symbol.

  • *jeremiah*

    Sorry,...looks like much has already been said on the topic.

  • mrsjones5

    np I think it all was terriblly funny

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