My Bethel Experience Part 6

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  • NewYork44M
    My first room assignment was room 33 in the 129 building....It was and old building, built around the turn of the century,...The society owned it but it had worldly people in to.......I'm not sure why but maybe there was a law that provented them from being kicked out or something. It was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment (about 1000 sq. ft.) There were 7 of us in there, all new boys ( less then one year there). There was 2 guys in each of the bedrooms and 3 guys in the living room.

    I don't know why I missed this post 11 months ago. The society sold this building and it eventually went coop. I bought an apartment six years ago. Best investment ever. Apartment 33 is owned by the Co-op president and could probably be sold now for around $1 Million. I have gone to several christmas parties there. Great place.

  • stillajwexelder

    Another friend of mine was just sitting on the train and this black guy walks up to him, with his 3 year old kid and points to my friend and says "DO YOU SEE THIS BOY?...........pointing to my friend, "THIS IS A WHITETY!.......YOU HATE WHITETY!........YOU KILL WHITETY!..........then just walked off. Those fun New Yorkers..................

    None as racist as black men

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