Hear da Judges words!!

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  • fullofdoubtnow
  • Borgia

    So...let me get this straight:.......The judge saying back in the thirties M24:14 has already been fulfilled and the current GB members now feel strongly that that is the case........

    What a great way to be spirit directed......Luckily my GPS works at a different speed.....



  • Undecided

    Wow! I still remember carrying one of those phonographs to the peoples doors years ago. They were spring driven and had no electricity. You would sit them on a chair or on your knee if there were steps you were standing on. The only comment that I remember was when a black lady said (my dad had a dark skin suntan) what are you Virginia Nigers gonna think of next? We all had a good laugh on that one.

    Ken P.

  • juni

    Thanks Linda for posting these links. With that second link, no one can dispute that 1975 WAS spoken of as the date for "the end". It's there for whoever wants to hear it.


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