wolf at the door

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  • Cellist

    Last night, at about 10pm, my husband came in the house and said, "You should hear the wolves!" Of course, I immediately said, "wolves? Or do you mean coyotes?" We used to hear the coyotes all the time until a few more houses were built in the neighbourhood. He was adamant that they were timber wolves, not coyotes. So I bundled up and went outside with him to hear for myself. It was quite the night, the moon was so bright that it was almost as bright as a dull day. The frost was sparkling in the air, the temperature was about -36C plus windchill. So it's a good thing that I didn't have to wait very long to hear the wolves! It was a very eerie feeling to be standing in our back yard, in the moonlight and listen to a couple of wolves howling. They were awfully close. Now I'm wondering if it's their tracks I've been seeing in the driveway. I've just assumed that a neighbour had a dog running loose. I'll have to study the tracks a little more carefully to see if they are wolf tracks.


  • tetrapod.sapien

    beautiful animals.

  • Cellist

    I agree, Tetra. Although I'm quite happy that they didn't come out for me to see. I'm not afraid of wolves, but I'll admit to feeling a tad nervous with them being that close.


  • jaguarbass

    I thought they had lots of wolves over in Asia

  • Cellist

    LOL Yes, lots of wolves around here. We're in an area of acreages and they don't usually come in this close. At least not that anyone's aware of. ;)


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    We have some property up north and we frequently hear the wolves. It's an amazing experience. I love it when we hear all the pups joining in with their yipping.

    One time I had to get up in the middle of the night to make a trip out to the outhouse. I had just stepped outside, it's pitch black, no other sounds, and I hear a lone wolf howl. It sounded so close it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up!


  • DannyHaszard

    I live in rural Maine but as far as i know there are no wild wolves in the whole State.

  • anewme

    Cellist, we too were serenaded the other evening by the coyotes in the canyon! I loved it!!!
    At night the wild animals take over around the cabin here. I have a cage of eleven ring neck doves Ive had for 12 years. They coo during the night-----except when there are predators about. The other night as the full moon filled the canyon with a magical glow, the little coyotes yipped and yipped and yipped celebrating the moonlight! I lay there listening in appreciative wonder at their lives so foreign to my own.

    I have often wondered how the old pioneers before highpowered lamps and lights braved the nights!
    After we caught two 4' Western rattlers hiding in our wood pile this summer, I have new respect and caution while walking through these canyons.

    Just last week, while on a day stroll, a 65 year old couple was attacked by a mountain lion and the husband was partially scalped! The wife beat the cat off with her walking stick. In our history book of these canyons is the story of the little school marm who brought her class up here on a day hike. A big mountain lion attacked two of the children. She fought the cat herself alone for 15 minutes while a neighbor ran to his cabin to get a gun. He came back and she cried "Shoot it! Shoot it!" But the neighbor was afraid he would shoot the teacher. The cat was on top, then the teacher was on top. It must have been horrible to watch! He finally shot the huge cat but not before it had mutilated the young school teacher. She died hours later of her injuries. The cat was photographed and put on display in the town as a warning to all.
    Even in death the cat's eyes showed its terrifying fury!!! Powerful wonderful creatures that you dont want to run into.

    I agree with Tetra, the wild animals are beautiful, but caution is to be used around them.

  • buffalosrfree

    Seranaded by the wolves or coyotes, in retrospect, its like listening to a talk about congregational needs from the elderberries. but it is great to hear actual wildlife and that is really how they are. Not wolves in sheeps clothing but actual wolves. thanks for telling us, bet is was really beautiful to her them. have loved to hear coyotes, elk etc. in the high country.

  • Cellist

    Yes, the various sounds of wildlife are truly beautiful. I love to hear elk, coyotes, loons, geese flying over, etc. Even though I've grown up in "wolf country", this is the first time I've ever heard wild wolves howling, by moonlight, at very, very close quarters. It was definitely as electrifying as I've heard described.

    My husband checked out the tracks in the yard and they are definitely wolf tracks. (Wolves have larger front feet than back feet)


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