Dropped in on the Circuit Assembly Today

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  • new light
    new light

    The Ass Hall is about 10 miles from here, and here is 3000 miles from my last congregation, so I figured what the hay, I'll step into the Twilight Zone, see what it's like after a few years away from it all. I was bored to a teary-eyed yawn within 10 minutes of sitting (next a NWT-guarded reserved seat, ahh, memories.).

    I caught the last few minutes of the WT study and then came "Giving Attention to the Needs of the Circuit". The CO started out with some praise for the circuit, so I was thinking the big hammer was going to drop any time, but... book study attendance is 81%...internet is bad...people online are out to deceive single JWs...pornography is not harmless....blah, blah, blah. Same crap, different year. This is one experiment I'll not be tempted to repeat. It was literally a life-draining experience.

  • Paisley

    Yes? How was the assembly then?

  • AuldSoul


    (1) "a" is short for Assembly.

    (2) there is more to the story than just the subject line.

    (3) I may have to wait for the rest.

  • blondie

    Only 81% attendance at the book study; bad sign (or good sign).

    Meeting is only one hour long...I wonder what the percentages are for the other meetings. Historically, the service meeting was the least attended in my area. People would give their talks and leave. Now the PT was skipped and people would just stay for the WT study.

    BTW, many attendants told me that even if someone only showed up for the last minute of the meeting they were counted as having attended the whole meeting...I wonder if the elders judged your attendance that way?


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I like how you describe the venue as the Ass Hall, very appropriate.

    The programme sounds as boring as ever.

  • mia_b

    What made you do that? lol

    at least you only went to the last part. how did we manage to sit through so many days of that crap for so many years?

  • LeslieV

    Sometimes just to drop in and look around, you realize that you haven't missed a thing. It is kinda like watching soap opera's...you can not watch for a year, turn it on and before you know it it is the same old thing..just different year. "As the JW's Turn."


  • penny2

    I knew someone who lived near an Ass Hall. In those days (early 1980s) when it was hot they would have the doors open so neighbours could sometimes hear what was going on.

    He used to say to me, "Why are they shouting at the already converted?" It made me think.


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