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  • drahcir yarrum
    drahcir yarrum

    This notion that the WTS provided water, food or anything else to the firemen and/or police officers helping at the WTC disaster is simply bull. Logistically it makes no sense at all. These firemen and policemen would have had to walk or drive a significant distance to get the the WT HQ in Brooklyn. Why would they go there unless on their way home? And if on their way home, why stop at the foot of the Brooklyn bridge for water, food or shelter? IT MAKES NO SENSE.

    Did the WTS ship water and food to the WTC site? I don't know but I doubt they did. Did they supply heavy equipment for site cleanup? Other than forklifts, what would they offer? Therefore I doubt they did anything other than offer some visiting JW's some food and a room for the night. BFD!

  • nelly136

    People I know in my own hall, for example, who still aren't coming to meetings. They'd drop everything and go help the rescue/recovery effort in NY if a bus pulled up, but they wouldn't rescue sheep if a cargroup pulled up.

    the ground zero post I saw that too, something about the clergy or whoever werent offering anything to share but bottled water, perhaps
    the clergy felt that practical help was more fitting than shoving doctrine up a captive audiences noses,

  • tdogg

    My wife's aunt is in NY. She works near the Empire ST. building and has been a volunteer since the disaster. She has lately been at the armory and the mayors command center. I think I will ask her if she can confirm any of this 'relief aid'.

  • nelly136

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