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  • Jeffro

    There is mention on a Wikipedia article that there was a 2006 revision of the NWT. Is this true? What differences are there?

  • RR

    Well, I guess it's up to them to prove it!


  • Junction-Guy

    Im sure I dont read everything on this board, but if that is true, and there was a 2006 revision of the NWT, im pretty sure I would have come across it here.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    To the best of my knowledge, the NWT text was standardized back in 1984. All subsequent editions have reflected that printing. What would make it somewhat impossible to make another "revision" is that, at least since 1999, when Milton Henschel, the last surviving member of the original committee, died, there is no one left to do the revision.


  • TheMan

    That's correct, the newest NWT translations are of a 1984 copyright. The writer may be referring to the new softcover version of the NWT that was released beginning in 2006. (Standard NWT in black hardcover is no longer available, even the pocket version is only now available in "paperback." The black and maroon "leather-bound" deluxe versions can still be ordered.

  • veradico

    The German reference NWT of 1986, as has been noted before, has a more recent footnote apparatus than the English one of 1984, but, as far as I know, the main text remains that of the 1984 revision. In 2006, they produced the paperback _editions_.

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