New Baby Alert!

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  • Perry

    Well my new son, Calvin Frank Little was born Friday January 12th weighing in at a whopping 9lbs. 1oz. He started turning purple at his first breast feeding but quickly recovered his color. He did it again that evening and that landed him in ICU. After several days, they finally did a check on the esophagas and discovered severe acid reflux. Pretty common, easily treatable, and predicted to grow out of in a few months to a year.

    Previous to this they were diagnosing him as having "apnea like symptoms"...whatever that means. Anyway, we pleaded not to have to take home the apnea monitor which we are told by friends drives everyone crazy because of the false alarms. To make a long story short ..... after 8 days and 6 different doctors we brought him home. After two weeks home he has had no oxygen de-saturations. Apparently he just would get heartburn and breath really shallow ... since breathing was a new thing for him.

    Anyhow it took $30,000 for them to figure out that he had heartburn. We're just glad he's healthy and strong.

    Praise God!

  • SixofNine

    I'm going to call him Zantac.

    Pics dude!

  • juni

    Congratulations Perry and family!


  • mouthy

    Oh how awful for you to have to go through that...But congratulations on a BIG little guy!!! I have apna... I stop breathing in my sleep ( scares any that sleep with me ) Thank God I havent slept with any one on a regular basis, since hubby died in 1985...But I do sometimes share my room with folks that go to PA & a couple have said they thought I died in the night.
    Poor fellow !!! You must have said a few prayers over the last few week. The cost was awful I hope you have insurance? Lets hope the little one will learn how to breath & digest. so he dont scare MUM & DAD again... ((((HUG)))

  • free2think

    Congratulations Perry and family.I'm glad there was nothing seriously wrong with him.


  • J-ex-W

    Congrats, dude!!

  • RAF

    Congrats Perry !!!

  • mama1119

    Congratulations!!! Is he still able to breastfeed?? Best of luck!!!

  • Mystla

    Wow, congratulations!! How's mom? that is one big baby

    My hubby has sleep apnea.. we finally got him a cpap machine so I can sleep at night without nudging him to start breathing every few minutes. Is it the same in baby's as adults? Is it related to SIDS?

    Hopefully the little guy is just getting all his medical stuff out of the way now so he won't have to worry about it again til after college

    Congrats again,


  • Abandoned

    Yikes on the 30K, but congrats on the new treasure.

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