Were you religious BEFORE becoming a JW?

by LittleToe 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • Clam
    Do you think that being young and idealistic can cause folks to become disillusioned with the religion of their birth and seek something that appears to have the answers (I'm not talking about those leaving the WTS here)?

    For me yes. As a child I took religious matters very seriously. Raised as C of E, my parents showed little interest, but I was reading the bible, going to Sunday School and attending church as a choir boy quite independently and with some zeal. I applied to be confirmed but came up against a conflict between two vicars who both insisted I was to be confirmed in their parishes. There was so much trouble over it that I very quickly became disillusioned by the petty bureacracy and "unchristian" behaviour. Then when I was 12 my JW sister started chatting to me about the Bible. I was hooked and started going down the Hall at 13. For me the JWs had all the answers, and my experience of "christendom" merely corroborated the JW view of all other religions.


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