NOTICE TO TED JARACZ: "We're coming out, guns a blazin'!"

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  • Abandoned

    The Judgment of the Watchtower
    The day is fast approaching...
    The judgment is at hand...
    Soon all the gb hypocrites
    Will be forced to understand.

    They soon will see their empire
    Crumble from disuse
    They truly could avoid this,
    But it appears they're too obtuse.

    For they fail to notice,
    They totally dismiss
    The proof they've lost God's favor.
    They pretend nothing's amiss.

    But answer us this question,
    Oh guardians from the tower.
    Why can the mere internet
    Undermine your lofty power?

    Could it be the answer,
    Lies simply in the fact,
    That it's only with Satan
    With which the Watchtower has a pact?

  • moomanchu
    "Lyin', cheatin', hurtin', that's all you seem to do....your time is gonna come"

    Led Zeppelin lyrics adopted to fit the WT nice.

    DE CAF coffee isn't that bad.

  • sf

    LOL!! People, people. I assure you, I drink only one cup of coffee per day.

    It isn't caffeine, silly ones. Yet thanks for the laugh.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{ DINO!!!! }}}}}}}}}}}}}} Great seeing you post. {{{{{{{{{{ hugs }}}}}}}}}}}

    As always...{{{{{{{{{ tight hug for OUTLAW }}}}}}}}

    Good stuff there Richie, darth and others.

    Much appreciation CC. Keep going.


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