A call to all NF's and NT's (Myers Briggs)

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  • becca1

    Hi again people! I'm so glad you liked my thread! We need to hang out in here more often! So, do you think being N's made is more prone to detecting BS and that's why we're all here?

  • RAF

    I was waiting for others to answer you ... but since no one answered

    this is my feeling about it

    the N's in being more intuitive gets more chance to get out of the WTBS before others

    on an other topic it seems like (but I'm not sure of that)
    the N's and P's or S and J seems to answer more easely (they have their opinion made)

    the T's who are also J and S takes more time to get into a debate (seems * to feel supported before)

    Eddited to add : (*) that they need (missing words in the sentence)

  • brunnhilde

    Another ENTP "Rational" woman here. I think as N's we question authority a hell of a lot more than S types. Someone explained it this way to me once: S types have a worldview and when they get a new piece of information, they fit it into the worldview they already have. N types (especially NT's) have a worldview, get a new piece of information, and flex the worldview to accommodate the new information. I've always referred to myself as an information junkie - I always want to know more, which with the B'Org is hard because they just repeat the same crap over and over again, and also, heaven forfend you get any information from anywhere ELSE. Something else I've noticed about N's vs. S types, and I don't mean to sound offensive, but S types enjoy small talk, just talking about not really anything - they enjoy the process of visiting. It is comforting and comfortable to them. For me, small talk is incredibly uncomfortable and totally meaningless. When I talk, I want to have a discussion, I want it be interesting and thought provoking and lively! That, I have found, after many long years being married to an ESFJ husband, is disconcerting and stressful for S types. *sigh* I am SO glad I'm going to university!!! I can talk and argue and discuss and all that and I get to know stuff and they think it's a GOOD thing!!! And as a woman, I can even disagree with a man and point out (as I did recently with one of my profs) when he's missing the point! Even better, he doesn't look grave and disapproving, he looks thoughtful and slightly sheepish!! *clears throat* Ummm, sorry, didn't mean to get all worked up about that. Its just such a relief to be out and able to be who I really am. I never could before.

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