Describe Your Favorite Breakfast

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  • steve2

    Clearly, the end is not coming fast enough for some who have yielded dangerously to worldly obsessions around food and pleasure.

    Where is the bellyaching round the urgent need to spread the kingdom message given we are so very, very deep into the verge of being near the end of this wicked system of things?

  • minimus
    I recently had pancakes with natural blueberry syrup. I also had it with natural raspberry syrup. Delicious!
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Favorite breakfast of one old southern woman: Beat eggs with a little half n half, cook with some shredded cheddar cheese. Serve with two sausage patties and buttered rye toast, coffee. Yeehaw!


  • nicolaou
    The leftover lamb jalfrezi and pilau rice I'd forgotten about from last night . .
  • OzGirl
    Banana pancakes with loads of butter and maple syrup. English Breakfast or Earl Grey Tea.
  • barry

    Koala drumsticks marinated in any smokey type sauce and well done oven cooked my favourite.

    kangaroo is OK too but can have a gamey taste if the roo is too old

  • DwainBowman

    There used to be this great truck stop in Bend Or, named Jake's. I moved there from Atlaanta. I made an almost nonstop drive, for the almost 3,000 miles. I got there at 7pm Friday, and set up till 2am talking with the friends, I was going to stay with for a few weeks.

    I woke up at 5an to excited to sleep. Showered, got dredressed, went out to explore. I was so hungury. I had barely eaten, to save money on the trip. Well Jake's was busy, so I knew the food would be good!

    I ordered a large Ham & Cheese Omelet, with hash browns, biscuits & gravy. I had no ideal what i was in for. The omelet was made with 8 large eggs,! 1/2 pound of cheese. 4 large biscuts, covered with gravy, a large plate of hash browns, also covered with gravy.

    It was so good, but I was only able to eat half of it. Packed the rest for later!

    That's my favorite breakfast! Both in memory, and what I like!


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